Can you feed your cat eggs?

Can you feed your cat eggs?

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Would you feed your cat eggs? And if you could, is it advisable to do so? The answer to both questions is a resounding yes. Cats can eat eggs. Dietary cholesterol was never a problem for felines. Egg yolks are perfectly safe for cats. Felines do suffer from a number of heart diseases, but they usually do not catch atherosclerosis. Cats suffer from two kinds of heart disease: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and feline obesity. The first one is mostly hereditary and the second one is connected to insufficiency in dietary taurine. This condition has almost been eliminated by taurine supplementation in the cat foods. Eggs are an excellent taurine source. You can give your cat eggs in moderation. The only exception is the rare case of a cat being allergic to egg.


Cats should eat egg in moderation as they do not offer balanced and complete nutrition for the cat. A feline eating only eggs will soon suffer from considerable dietary deficiencies. It is perfectly okay to feed your cat cooked eggs as treats. Do consult a veterinarian before you make this a permanent affair.

Raw eggs

You can feed your cat raw eggs. The official stance, in this case, is that you must not feed your cat raw eggs due to the probability of zoonotic bacterial infections. Bacteria gets killed by cooking. Raw foods are more probable to host many bacteria. The list of bacteria include Campylobacter, Salmonella, and E.coli could infect cats. It can then spread to humans. There are a considerable number of pet owners who are infected in this manner. Then again, there are a number of cat owners who knowingly feed their cats raw eggs and nothing has happened to both the animal and the cat. Raw egg whites have the avidin protein, that binds biotin or vitamin B7. Overeating of avidin may result in biotin deficiency. Cooking results in denaturing of the avidin. It is thus recommended that cats consume solely cooked eggs. Cats can eat raw eggs as in the real world, a kitty would have to an absurdly large number of raw eggs for many years to develop the deficiency. It means you can give your cat both raw and cooked eggs. From the two, the latter is better.

It is clear that cats can eat eggs in moderation. The food item is delicious and nutritious. They are quite healthy and safe for kitties. This does not mean you should feed your cat one egg every day. This is as if accounting for body weight; one egg for humans equals 15 eggs for your cat. It means you should give your cat one egg every two weeks maximum.

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