Can Pet-Sitting Get You A Free Vacation?

Can Pet-Sitting Get You A Free Vacation?

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Are you someone who loves travel and animals a lot? Well, if you are, there is some excellent news for you. Thanks to a new service called TrustedHouseSitters, you might just be able to enjoy both, travelling and spending time with the cutest animals.


Well, itโ€™s simpler than youโ€™d expect. What TusteedHouseSitters does is that it pairs pet owners with travellers who are willing to take care of pets in exchange for a free stay. Yup. You heard that right. You can stay for free as long as youโ€™re willing to take care of the pets. Pet-sitting opportunities are plenty and the best part is that they are spread all over the globe. The Swiss Alps, Barbados, New Yorkโ€ฆ you name it!Currently, the service is available in over a 100 countries, with 60,000 members. As a traveler, you can pick the pet-sitting job you like. This job is made quite easy because the homeownersโ€™ respective profiles provide all the information you need. This includes whether they have a dog, cat, or an exotic pet. In fact, there are profiles in certain locations such as rural France and the UK that even list chickens and horses.There are plenty of benefits to such a service. As a traveler, you get to find accommodation for free and even get paid for your services, which can be used to fund your travel plans. Pet owners, on the other hand, can relax in the knowledge that their pets are in the safe hands of trusted individual and more importantly, someone who actually cares about animals. In fact, the service has become so popular that some professional pet-sitters have taken this up as a full-time job. They basically move from location to location simply taking care of pets and enjoying their new destination.In fact, if you are fortunate enough, you could end up taking care of pets for the rich and influential while staying in their million dollar mansions. There are quite a few such properties listed on the service. For instance, there are castles and country houses in the UK, villas in Barbados and Spain, chateaus in France, and farmhouses in Tuscany.

Signing Up

The sign-up process is simple. However, there is a small subscription fee to be paid by both, the travelers and the pet owners. There are no additional charges after that. The pet-sitters/travelers will need to go through a criminal background check and ID verification process. This is, naturally, for the satisfaction of the pet owners. After all, they want to make sure that their little one is in good hands. At the end of the day, itโ€™s a unique situation that benefits everybody.

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