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Oranges and other citrus fruits are essential to the human diet. These fruits are excellent vitamin C sources and are crucial to the well-being of a human. Like us, cats require Vitamin C as well. However, unlike humans, the feline body makes all the Vitamin C needed by the cat. On a personal level, oranges are really sweet and delicious in taste, and it is right to share the fruit with your kitty, right?

Big negative

The answer to the above question: a big emphatic no. You should not give your kitty any citrus fruit, oranges included. This is as the psoralens, and essential oils are extremely toxic to felines. If the cat eats a few slices of orange, then the animal will begin to vomit or get a bad case of diarrhea. Eating oranges will also result in the cat to be depressed. The animal may become photosensitive and hurt itself. It measn you must not share oranges with your kitty. If you have a multi-species household, meaning you have both a cat and a dog, it is good to know that oranges are bad for canines too.

Do not try to feed your cat lemons if you cannot give it oranges. This is as lemons contain the same toxic ingredients like psoralens and essential oils. The lemons are much more acidic compared to oranges, and they are much more probable to upset the stomach of your cat. It is apparent that lemons are also a definite negative for cats too. The same prohibition could be extended to other citrus fruits as well. The list of such fruits include pomelos, limes, tangerines, and grapefruits. An excellent thumb rule is that cats cannot consume any kind of citrus fruit. The problem begins when a lot of cat owners think they know better than the veterinarians and do not hesitate to give their kitty a piece of any citrus fruit, like an orange or lemon. It is true that a small chunk of citrus fruit will not overtly harm the cat, but it will cause stress. It is not an ethical action to feed your cat a piece or orange or any citrus fruit simply as you can. Abstain from giving the cat oranges, lemons, pomelos, or any kind of citrus fruit.


All citrus fruits including lemons and oranges contain psoralens and essential oils, which are toxic to felines. This is why it is not advisable to share your citrus snacks with your cat. If you want to feed your kitty a fruity treat, there are a lot of fruits available which are perfectly safe for your furball. Instead of an orange, why not give the cat a banana slice or a small apple piece? Your cat would love it.

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