Calming a nervous dog inside a car

Calming a nervous dog inside a car

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You should be able to take your dog in the car without any problem. This could be a problem if your dog gets nervous in cars. It is important that your dog remains calm on both short trips lasting for a few minutes to trips which involve your dog sitting inside the car for more than half a day. If your dog is happy and calm, then your trip will be an enjoyable one.

You must ensure that the dog not only feels comfortable but safe as well. Remember always to take the dog in an approved safety device. For small dogs, this could be a travel pod. Medium sized dogs need a harness, and bigger dogs need a crate, Such crash test approved kits keep the dog safe. It will also help you in driving as such devices stop the dog from climbing on to your lap.

Light meals before a trip

It is inadvisable to provide your dog with a substantial meal before travel. It is a good practice to feed the canine some three hours before you turn on the ignition. You can feed your dog when you reach your destination. The last recommendation is a must in-case your trip is a short and nifty one. Do, however, give it some food. Your dog will feel sick if its stomach remains empty.

Like you, the dog needs toilet breaks. This is especially valid if you take your dog for a longer ride. It is important that you carry the dog's water bowl and plenty of water so that it can drink during the breaks when you stop the car. Switch off the engine during breaks and take the dog out so that it can stretch the legs. Such small excursions goes a long way to soothe its nervousness or any feelings of dread towards the journey. Exercise the dog hard before you two embark on long drives so that the animal burns off its excess energy. This will make the dog tired, and it will quickly settle down.

Comfort is key Your dog should be comfortable throughout the journey. Do not smoke inside the vehicle or overheat the interiors. Too much heat will induce nausea not only in dogs but also humans too. It makes excellent sense to use pheromones inside the car. Products like adaptive calm dogs down and the canine will enjoy a quiet feeling throughout the ride. To make your dog more comfortable, take its favorite toy with you. The scent of the familiar will make the animal calm and happy. When you two are starting, ask someone else to drive the car while you calm your dog down. Pat the canine at regular intervals to reassure it that everything is okay.

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