Buying a Cat Water Fountain

Buying a Cat Water Fountain

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You have seen your cat drink from its water bowl, but something in its behavior makes you think she does not like it. This can be true if it makes a mess while drinking. It will put its paws inside the water and overturn the bowl, spilling water all over the floor. Your veterinarian may also have suggested that your cat must drink more quantities of water. A water fountain makes the best solution in such cases.

Moisture in foods

Water fountains are suitable for cats in more ways than one. One of them is that your cat in its normal health drink lesser quantities of water than it should. This is due to the cat's feral, wild background. At one point of time, felines would quench their water intake from their food itself. A hunted animal has meat with a high concentration of moisture. This is why feral cats can survive by drinking lesser quantities of water. A domesticated, indoor cat, however, is incapable of any hunt and the lack of water could lead to many health problems, like kidney and even the urinary tract diseases.

Cats, due to their evolutionary past, prefers flowing water than a still and stagnant water source. This is the reason many felines tap the water bowl with their paws before drinking it. It does not help that cats are quite picky by nature when it comes to drinking and eating. You will see cats declining to drink tap water as it contains some odors which the kitty does not like. The cat may also refuse if the water tastes bad at first lick. The presence of any water fountain encourages the kitty to drink more water. To the cat, the water fountain tickles its primordial instincts making it think the flowing water comes from a wild river and thus safe to drink. To a cat, naturally flowing water always tastes better compared to one offered to it in a bowl.

Water fountain

Cat behavioral recommends buying your cat a water fountain. This will make both you and your cat happy. It is good to buy a ceramic one and not a plastic product. The ceramic cannot be scratched and will not hold on to smells like plastic. Nothing can stain it too. The drinking surface at the lower end is a wide one, permitting the cat to drink without an uncomfortable bending of the whiskers. The cat has the option of drinking from the second bowl located a little higher up. Many water fountains are also square. This permits the Pagoda, or it looks superb on any countertop. The constant flow of water prevents bacterial growth.

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