Buprenex is the Pinnacle of Dog Pain Relief

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Buprenex is the Pinnacle of Dog Pain Relief

While many dog problems can be fixed with a long walk, a little extra attention, or some challenging but rewarding training, surgery and chronic pain cannot. This is when many pet parents turn to


for help. If your pooch is in constant pain and nothing else is working,  Buprenex might be worth checking out.

What is Buprenex?


is the brand name of buprenorphine, a synthetic parenteral opioid analgesic. In some ways, Buprenex is more potent than morphine. However?, Wendy Brooks, D.V.M. explained on the Veterinary Information Network that the drug works differently, and Buprenex is designed better for mild or moderate pain compared to morphine, which works with severe pain.

The narcotic has a "ceiling effect," which means that Buprenex causes a maximum effect because all of the pain receptors in the dog have been bonded. So giving additional Buprenex won't mean more pain relief, though it might elongate the drug's effects, the Veterinary Information Network explained.Buprenex can be injected or given orally. Often people give the medication orally at home. Although this medication can be administered at home, it's critical never to deliver it differently than directed. Any dogs with allergies to the drug, liver issues or respiratory diseases shouldn't take Buprenex. There are a variety of drug interactions and other health conditions that can create problems, so make sure your veterinarian knows your dog's entire medical history before using.

Why use Buprenex?


may be prescribed for dogs for a variety of conditions. Sometimes the medication is used before surgery to reduce the pain or following an operation. It may also be used for certain types of trauma or chronic pain where your pooch's nerve endings cause near-constant discomfort. Unlike other canine medications, Buprenex isn't just used for one or two diseases. It's a more general pain killer used for a variety of conditions. It's up to your veterinarian whether Buprenex is right for your dog.Buprenex is also used with humans and actually isn't approved for animal use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, it is a popular option that's legal and safe to use with a prescription. The most common side effects are slower breathing, sedation and addiction.Sign up for a


membership to enjoy savings on


and other medications for your furry friend.

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