Big Dogs vs. Small Dogs: A Face-Off Between Dog Breeds by Size

Which Dogs Do You Prefer?

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Mastiff and Chihuahua staring at eachother

Small dogs can be easier travel companions and cuddle buddies, while large dogs can make better outdoor sidekicks. Compare big dogs vs. small dogs!

From Great Danes to Chihuahuas, dogs come in a wide range of sizes. People looking to adopt a dog have a lot to consider. What type of dog will fit your lifestyle best? While there are always exceptions to any rule, here are the common differences between dogs large and small.

The Face-off: Big Dogs Vs. Small Dogs

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Which Size of Dog is Right for You?

Hopefully this infographic helped pin down some of the key differences between dogs of different sizes. The reality is that there is a lot to consider beyond simply how big your dog is. Different breeds have drastically different temperaments, and as such, do best in different living situations. To find out what type of dog is right for you, take a long look at what you would be able to provide your new dog, and what you want them to provide you. Check out our wide catalogue of breed guides to help give you a better idea.

Also, don't let breed generalizations pin you down. There are many exceptions to the rules, so to find the best match for you, try and spend some time with any dog you are thinking of adopting to make sure that their personality meshes with yours.

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