Best Toys for Lazy Cats

Best Toys for Lazy Cats

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Cats owners know that cats love nothing more than to laze around their homes all day long. Cats tend to be lazy, inactive creatures by natures and it is impossible to take them out for walks and games like dogs. Letting your cat have his or her way and not encouraging them to be active enough can do some serious damage to your catโ€™s health. Cats are at a high risk of becoming obese if left to their own ways.If you are finding it difficult to nudge your feline friend, then here are some rather interesting toys that are bound to get your lazy cat up and about.

Crinkle balls

These are lightweight, soft, colored balls that make noises that intrigue your cats. Roll these balls on the floor and your cats will chase them around. Cats love carrying these balls around and this gives them some exercise.

Electronic cat wand

The toy consists of a wand that has a feather attached to it that moves in various directions. They are eco-friendly and can offer your cat up to 2 hours of play. It is interactive and the colorful feathers stimulate cats and can draw out your catโ€™s playful nature. You can set the pace at which the toy moves so that it works best for your cat.

Furry mice

Anyone who has seen Tom and Jerry will understand how mice can keep cats on toes. Furry mice are designed to bring out the hunting instinct in your cats. They look very similar to real mice and your cats will love chasing these around the house. The realistic shape and color of these mice stimulate cats and is bound to have them on your toes.

Laser toys

The laser toy is designed in such a way so as to keep your cat moving. It is lightweight, portable, and battery operated and can bring out the playful nature in even the laziest cats. There are several modes in this toy. Initially, it is best to begin at a slow pace that suits your cats. Slowly you can increase the time as your cat gets used to the toy.

Crazy circle

The crazy circle is bound to drive your cats crazy. It is essentially a plastic circle with a ball enclosed inside. Your cat, intrigued by the toy is likely to do everything possible to get the ball out. Unsuccessful attempts can make your cat even more determined.

Interactive cheese toys

This battery-operated toy consists of a cheese block and two plastic mice. It is a battery-operated device which when switched on triggers the mice to pop in and out of the block. The toy keeps your cat observant and sharp.

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