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Pet owners have recognized that their pets may be allergic to certain foods. Allergies in dogs are very common nowadays. Dogs are mainly allergic to tics and fleas, the food that they eat and their environment. Food with high protein source is one of the most common allergens. If you find that your dog is reacting to an allergy by showing signs of inflammation in the ear, itchy skin, constant licking of his/her paws, chronic diarrhea or gastrointestinal problems. You need to take your dog to the vet first and find out which allergen is causing this. Although your veterinarian may only speculating, you need to try an elimination diet to confirm which ingredient is affecting your dog. You can do by switching your dog to a hypoallergenic dog food.Hypoallergenic dog food is food made from a few ingredients. Most hypoallergenic formulas rely on natural foods that do not provoke an allergic reaction. The food that is most likely to cause the reaction is beef, turkey dairy, corn, wheat, soy and yeast.

Here Are Some Of The Best Dog Foods For Allergic Dogs.
  1. Natural Balance Dry Dog FoodNatural Balance is a great brand that uses high-quality ingredients in the food that they make. This brand focuses on using high-quality meat and nourishing fruits and vegetables. It also produces a variety of products including dry foods, wet food trays, oven biscuits, etc.
  2. BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient Free- Wet Dog Food.Each of Buffalo's Basic formulation of this dog food is made without cereal grains uses only a single meat protein source as its principal ingredient. It is one of the best hypoallergenic dog food.
  3. Royal Canine โ€“ Veterinary Diet Hydrolyzed Protein Adult HP Dry Dog food

This brand creates food that is highly edible, digestible and offers a complete hydrolyzed diet. It is made for short-term elimination feeding and long-term nutrition for dogs that are allergic. It also provides a healthy skin barrier to protect your dog from environmental allergens.4. Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Dry Dog Food with Real Lamb.Nature's Variety offers multiple products ranging from classic, high-protein, grain free, and raw food products. This particular dog food is a limited ingredient that features lamb and carbohydrates like green peas and tapioca. These ingredients also include a blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin for your dog.These are a few of the best brands to consider while buying food for your allergic dog. You need to find out what your dog is allergic to and then choose the best food accordingly. Make sure you choose brands that have limited ingredients, check the protein source and also consider other nutrients.

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