Best Airline Approved Travel Bags for Dogs

Best Airline Approved Travel Bags for Dogs

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Itโ€™s hard to imagine going for an overseas visit or a long vacation without taking your canine friends along. We always consider dogs to be a part of our family and we want to share our experiences with them. However, when you are planning on taking a flight, you need to think about how you will take your four-legged friends. Travel bags for dogs are one the best safe and secure ways to take them on a plane. Here is our list of top four best airlines approved travel bags for dogs.

  1. Sleepypod Air In-CabinAre you looking for an in-cabin carrier for your canine friend that will leave it feeling comforted and refreshed? If your four-legged friend loves sleeping, there is no better choice than Sleepypodโ€™s air in-cabin carrier. It is one of the highest rated travel bags for canines at the moment as you can compress it to make it fit in the cabin. On top of that, you can carry it comfortably as it has a padded shoulder strap and it is machine washable.
  2. Bergan Comfort Soft-SidedThe Bergan Comfort Soft-Sided travel bag is made for dogs who weigh not more than 22 pounds. The travel bag is machine washable and has a unique design. One side of the travel bag can only be opened half way whereas you can fully open the other side. If you feel your canine friend is feeling left out, you can talk to it through an exclusive side zip. The travel bag is perfect for long journeys as it has maximum ventilation.
  3. Pawhut Deluxe Dog Travel Carrier BackpackIf you are looking for a travel bag that can carry dogs weighing up to 20 pounds comfortably and in style, then you will love the Pawhut Deluxe Dog Travel Carrier Backpack. It comes with a pair of wheels and telescopic handles, making it one of the best travel bags for dogs. It has vents on the side for good ventilation and there are zipped mesh doors to protect your canine friend. It is waterproof and can be used for heavy-duty.
  4. Sherpa Original DeluxeThe Sherpa Original Deluxe is one of the biggest travel bags in the market for your canine friend. It comes in three different sizes and can accommodate canines who weigh up to 22 pounds. It can be compressed easily and the ventilation is good. Sherpa Orignal Deluxe is approved by airlines throughout the world.These are the best airline approved travel bags you can find in the market for your canine friend. With these bags, you will find it easy to take your four-legged friend for you long vacation!
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