Benefits of Brushing Your Cat

Benefits of Brushing Your Cat

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Cats are clean animals and spend a considerable amount of time grooming themselves. Itโ€™s probably one of their top three tasks of the day, the other two being, sleeping and eating. Brushing is one such grooming activity. Some cats love being brushed, some cats hate it, while other cats may have never been brushed before. The practice of brushing your cat is more beneficial than just the quality time it gives you and your feline friend.

Reduces shedding at home

Cats are always shedding fur, and this means that dead hair is hiding in their coats. Dirt, dust, and fleas (if they exist) are also embedded in their coats. Your cat's shed fur may settle on household furniture or the floor, and require cleaning up. Brushing your cat regularly removes the dead hair with a brush and keeps your house and cat clean.

No more matted hair

Your cat's fur can become entangled and form clumps without regular brushing. The clusters formed are painful, uncomfortable, and may need to be shaved off. They also prevent blood circulation and can cause dirt, dust, and fleas to fester, giving rise to infections. Regular brushing keeps fur tangle-free and healthy.

Hairball free house

Cats lick themselves clean, and without being brushed, they're likely to ingest the dead fur, dirt, dust, and fleas. Apart from being unhealthy, ingesting these particles increases the likelihood of them coughing up hairballs at home that youโ€™ll have to clean up.   

Spreading natural oils

Brushing cats allows for the natural oils on their skin to be spread throughout their coats, giving them a healthy, shiny coat. Spreading natural oils also prevents irritation and dryness.

Promotes blood circulation   

Flakes under the coat can be removed through regular brushing, improving blood circulation. Improved blood circulation keeps the skin healthy and maintains the overall health of cats.

Detect bumps and skin abnormalities

With regular brushing, it is possible to monitor your catโ€™s condition and watch out for any abnormalities in their skin that may require a vetโ€™s attention.

Stress buster

Many cats enjoy being brushed and purr incessantly to express their delight. Brushing can provide tremendous relief from stress and improve the overall wellbeing of cats that enjoy it.

Time to bond

Brushing your cat serves as a wonderful way to bond. Older cats especially rely on it since they may have trouble grooming themselves.  With all the benefits that are brushing offers, it's crucial to include it as a part of your regular grooming plan. Donโ€™t ambush your cat if heโ€™s not accustomed to being brushed. Start slow, choose a brush heโ€™s comfortable with, and ease him into it. The benefits are worth it!

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