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Contrary to popular perception, there is absolutely no need to visit premium pet stores for good quality flea repellents and pricey shampoos. You can use apple cider vinegar as a substitute. The liquid has multiple beneficial properties which could be used for soothing dry and itchy skin, washing, relieving hotspots, and for refreshment. It could also stop your canine from continuously licking his paws or skin.

Versatility of use

Apple cider vinegar could be used both in the bath and out of it. You can use it to clean the ears of the dog. It prevents or inhibits yeast infections. The dog could be easily subjected to apple cider vinegar baths. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle so that you can help your dog to repel fleas.Apple cider vinegar not only helps you to save money but benefits your canine too. The liquid has soothing enzymes providing comfort to the dog's skin. It is important that you make sure that the skin must remain unbroken. If your dog suffers from a broken skin, you must dilute the vinegar. This is important if the canine suffers from itchy flea bites or hot spots. Do not forget to give your dog a treat after its much-needed bath.

Vinegar rinse method

A procedure exists for the apple cider vinegar bath. The technique is termed vinegar rinse method. To do this, you need four pieces of equipment: shampoo, towel, pin-brush, and flea comb other than the vinegar. The first step is to make your bathroom sufficiently warm for your canine. Have the apple cider vinegar brought in to mix with warm water. This will be required for the rinse. It is now time to wash the dog. Use the usual shampoo to give your dog a normal bath. If you do not want to use a shampoo to clean the animal, use substitutes. Massage skin with the dog wash's sud baths.After the dog is properly cleaned, rinse shampoo from its body. Wash dead skin off the dog using a mix of apple cider vinegar and warm water. If it is possible, mix the two together using a cup or a bowl to rinse the dog with a blend of one part vinegar and about five parts water. Ensure you use both the ingredients in the above-mentioned ratio.Rub the dog down and rinse it with vinegar and warm water. Make sure the apple cider vinegar must pass through the fur of the dog and through his skin. Give it a second rinse. Do this with clear and fresh warm water. This will eliminate the vinegary scent off the dog's skin. Utilize this rinse to wash off any further residue from the shampoo and the vinegar. Use the towel to dry the dog.

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