Back pain in cats


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If you think your cat suffers from back pain, take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Only a professional can provide a correct diagnosis, You will also get a treatment plan. Back pain is discomfort along the length of the spine. The intensity of pain could vary and since cats cannot verbally communicate with humans, the pain could be confused with some other acute discomfort. It is either the owner's or the veterinarian's job to figure out the problem.

Signs and causes

For your cat, it will be outwardly indifferent to what troubles it. The pain signs may not be apparent at first. You must observe your kitty carefully before you realize it suffers from back pain. There are a few signs like neck stiffness and arched back. Back pain may also cause an appetite loss in your kitty and it may scream when touched. There could be a weakness in the limbs or the body could have a fever. The cat may change its gait or posture as a response to the pain. There could also be deformities in the spine.Other than the above, there could be a number of other causes as well. The pain could be the result of trauma, inflammation, and infection. Disorders of organs located near back may also cause pain, like the kidneys. Disorders in the vertebral disk and dislocation of bones could cause pain. Inflammation of meninges and even cancer could be the cause of pain.To diagnose the problem, your veterinarian may run a CBC or Complete Blood Count test and do a urinalysis and biochemical culture. X-rays done on the abdomen will show any abnormalities present. Defects if any could be found by examining the disks, spinal canal, and vertebrae. Other tests like MRI or a CT scan could be done to rule out other causes. In case your veterinarian suspects the presence of an inflammatory infectious disease, the professional may recommend a CSF or Cerebrospinal Fluid analysis. This needs a spinal tap.


The treatment plan will be created only after the veterinarian discovers the actual cause and the severity of discomfort. Back pain, in a few cases, could be easy to treat. In all other times, the treatment could be a difficult one, Both anti-inflammatory and pain medication could be given to treat pain. In case there is an infection, the list of medications will include antibiotics. Do remember that the risk of relapse with antibiotics could be high. If there is cancer, then the veterinarian will administer chemotherapy drugs. Surgery could also be a possibility in exceptional cases. If there is surgery, then there will be medication as well. The latter will be given to manage pain and prevent any infection after the surgical procedure.

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