Ask-A-Vet Put 24/7 Professional Pet Care at Your Fingertips

Ask-A-Vet Put 24/7 Professional Pet Care at Your Fingertips

Raising a pet is a 24 hour job. We think you should have a support system to match. Thatโ€™s why


is launching the Ask-A-Vet service, powered by


- a service dedicated to giving you around-the-clock access to pet professionals. With licensed vets and vet technicians on staff, getting expert answers tailored to your specific pet care needs is now just a phone call, web chat, or email away.Picture this - itโ€™s late Sunday evening and out of nowhere your dog starts whimpering and lumbering around. What do you do?Oftentimes pet care questions cannot wait until Monday. Sure, you could scour the internet looking for an answer - but who is on the other end providing the information? And how can you tell if it is relevant to your individual situation? Taking pet care advice from an unknown source that is unaware of your petโ€™s unique circumstance is never a good idea.You could also rush over to an emergency vet hospital and spend upwards of $500 just to walk in the door. ย Any way you slice it, getting reputable pet care advice when you need it can be tricky. That is what makes the Ask-A-Vet service ย such a useful tool. Rather than sifting through thousands of websites for a half-baked solution or paying top dollar for a trip to the emergency room, now you can tell a licensed veterinarian or technician exactly what is going on with your pet.What makes the PetPlus Ask-A-Vet service even better? For PetPlus members, this service is 100% free! Now thatโ€™s something to bark about.You can learn more about how to use the Ask-A-Vet service by checking out the

Member Area of


The PetPlus Ask-A-Vet service is not a replacement for routine vet care. If you pet is having a true emergency, please take your pet to the nearest emergency hospital right way.
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