Are You Having Trouble With a Hyperactive Kitty? Here's What You Can Do

Are You Having Trouble With a Hyperactive Kitty? Here's What You Can Do

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With their tiny noses, little whiskers, and incisive teeth, kittens can allure anybody. However, these lovely fluff balls can wreak havoc in homes by sprinting all around, jumping on tables and chairs, and climbing up closets and curtains. If you own a kitten who behaves this way, then perhaps it is a little hypersensitive but normal. A little knowledge of hyperactive kitten behavior can help you tackle the problem easily.

Why do kittens become hyperactive?

Much of the hyperactive behavior in kittens is caused by their playful and predatory nature. Cats are nocturnal animals. So it's normal for it to run around in the middle of the night or in the early hours of the morning when their energy level is at its peak. Usually kittens are brought home when they are 8 weeks old. But you cannot expect your kitten to differentiate between meat and furniture that it has been scratching and biting at such a tiny age.Hyperactivity is usually seen in bored and lonely kittens that are brimming with energy, but no outlet to channelize it. Similar to all young mammals, your kitten's frantic behavior is its own way of transitioning towards adulthood. Kittens explore new areas because they have a predatory nature. They try to get accustomed to their environment by following their natural tendencies such as jumping, biting and running after things. It is simply not their fault at all.

How to calm a hyperactive kitten down?

It may seem impossible to calm your hyperactive kitten down, but some fun-filled playtime can help you achieve this easily. Consider the following tips to calm your hypersensitive kitten down:

  • Provide ample space to your kittenCreate a space for your kitten which it can call its own. This private space will let your kitten unwind and keep distractions and people away. The space should allow your kitten to play own its own and channelize the stored energy productively.
  • Play sessions Spending quality playtime with your kitten helps in strengthening the bond between you both, and also releasing the stored energy from the kitten's body. You can imitate the kitten's hunting activity to attract its attention and inspire its natural predatory tendencies.
  • Consider adopting another kitten Hyperactivity is often caused by boredom in kittens. Bringing another kitten home can give your existing kitten some good company, and will encourage it to play and release energy.
  • Cat trees and scratching posts Consider giving your kitten a cat tree or scratching post to perch itself on so that it can release its energy by climbing up to get.

These tips can divert the attention of your cat from destructive activities and help you to calm its hyperactiveness down in a big way.

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