Alternative Therapy for Dogs - Massage Therapy, Pet Acupuncture and More


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Just like humans, pets suffer from a lot of degenerative and chronic health conditions. Although a lot of the conditions have targeted medication, some of them just have palliative treatment and they focus mainly on alleviating the symptoms through narcotics and painkillers. Alternative therapies are a good option if your pet is suffering from disc injuries, hip dysplasia, ligament injuries or a degenerative spine. Alternative therapies aim for a more holistic approach to curing the body. The dog and horse racing industries have been intimately familiar with it for years. Let us take a look at some of the most common alternative therapies.

  • Hydrotherapy โ€“ If your dog has a chronic bone disease or a serious injury like hip dysplasia or ligament trauma, hydrotherapy would be extremely beneficial. The method consists of assisting the dog to a pool to lower possible injuries and body stress. The therapist then uses a harness to make sure that the body of the dog stays above water. Some therapists also heat the pool to relieve the dog's body of muscular strains. More advanced methods include creating underwater currents that your dog can swim against.
  • Massage therapy and chiropractic treatment โ€“ In most of the cases, you can relive your pet of the pain by realigning their body and achieving a better balance. But make sure you go to a practitioner who has an in-depth understanding of the dog's anatomy. An experienced vet uses manipulation to adjust and realign the bones. You will begin to see an immediate change in your pet. Chiropractors balance the energy flow and circulation of the body. It strengthens the body's ability to heal, making it a logical conclusion to manipulation therapy.
  • Acupuncture โ€“ In this ancient Chinese system of medicine, the practitioner uses a needle to release blocked energy or reduce excess energy. The basic principle is to balance meridians which go across the body. The needle is used for stimulating pressure points. Once they have it inserted into the right place, they interrupt the supply to the nerves and switch it over to another channel to relieve the body of the pain signals. It is extremely helpful for arthritis, but is also used for neurological problems, thyroid imbalances, skin problems and heart conditions.

If your dog is suffering from a chronic condition, there are a variety of alternative treatment options which can assist in speeding up their recovery after an operation, help them in regaining lost mobility and cure the underlying problem that is causing the disease. However, before you decide to go that route make sure than conventional medication doesn't work. Your vet will recommend the best form of alternative therapy for your pet's condition.

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