All you need to know about dog eye discharge

All you need to know about dog eye discharge

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The eye of a dog is similar to that of a human. Dogs can suffer identical eye problems as humans, including glaucoma, cataracts, and conjunctivitis. Ocular discharge or dog eye discharge is a common problem. Multiple causes exist for this phenomenon. If you see your dog suffer ocular discharge, it is safest to take your four-legged family friend as soon as possible to the veterinarian.

Causes of dog eye discharge

Your dog could suffer from dog eye discharge due to a number of reasons. The principal two reasons are canine conjunctivitis and seasonal discharge. Since the eye of the dog is similar to humans, the animal's eyes could get red and itchy. The primary cause of such a symptom is wind, dust, dirt, and pollen allergies. Mold spores and mites are also responsible. A few dogs could develop a number of benign tumors on eyelids which rub the eye surface. The resultant is discomfort accompanied by discharge for the dog. A few canines could also be born with collapsed or incomplete tear ducts. These leads tears to regularly spill over and consequently stain fur located underneath the eyes.A few dogs could be born with droopy eyelids. They roll in, causing dryness or chronic irritation, leading to eye goobers. Dog eye discharge could also be a result of a traumatized cornea. Keratitis conjunctivitis or dry eye may cause the accumulation of slimy green mucus on the eye of the dog. Canines could suffer from excessive tearing as a consequence of abnormal lashes, glaucoma or conjunctivitis infections.

Prevention and treatment

You can take a few corrective measures to stop dog eye discharge. The most obvious-and the cheapest- action to take is to take your dog to a veterinarian at least twice every year. Problems, if any could be detected early. The veterinarian will take the necessary steps to make sure that the eye of the dog will not cause any problems down the road. In case your pet is susceptible to seasonal allergies, begin the pretreatment with the compound diphenhydramine. Discuss with the veterinarian concerning other anti-histamines. In case your dog has wispy and long hair which sticks to the dog's eyeballs, trim its hair away from the eyes. Surgical treatments are a must if the dog has deep nasal folds rubbing the eye or rolled eyelids. Surgery is also needed for collapsed tear ducts and eyelid margin tumors.The best technique to treat dog eye discharge is gentle eye irrigation with sterile saline. This should be done to remove any irritating substance from the eye, including pollen and dirt. The procedure should be done at least once a day, and even two times per day.

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