All You Need To Know About Cat Litter Training

All You Need To Know About Cat Litter Training

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If you own a kitten or cat, you would agree that they're fiercely loyal and playful creatures and a delight to have as pets. However, there are a few drawbacks to owning these furballs too, one of them being that they might not know how to use a litter box. That's fixable, though. There are ways in which you can train your cat and make them an expert at using a litter box.

Some of the supplies youโ€™ll need for this training process:

  1. Litter box
  2. Toys and treats
  3. Cat litter

Pick The Correct Litter Box

Selecting a suitable litter box for your cat is an extremely important first step in the litter training process. For kittens, you might need a box that has lower sides so that they can enter/exit with ease. For grown cats, on the other hand, a litter box with taller sides might be ideal, as it will help keep the waste and litter off your floor. As far as the material choice for the box is concerned, opt for heavy and long-lasting plastic because these boxes are easier to clean and donโ€™t need to be replaced too quickly.

It is also important to place the litter box(es) in the right place, where the cat has enough privacy. When overexposed, cats tend to feel unsafe and might not use them. Also, always remember that you need one litter box for each cat, and itโ€™s always a good idea to have an extra one.

Using Cat Litter

Litter training obviously needs some cat litter. You can choose from a variety of different options, such as eco-friendly litter or regular clay litter, depending on your budget. The eco-friendly litter is usually made from recycled newspaper, wheat or pine pellets. Most cats aren't very fussy about the kind of litter used, but sometimes they may not like the smell or texture. So, the best thing is, to begin with unscented, standard clumping litter.

Introducing The Cat To The Litter Box

If youโ€™re getting a new cat to your home, the smartest way to get them to use the litter box is to show it to them on the first day itself. They might hide when they see it, but thatโ€™s normal. Just keep the box wherever you think the cat might feel comfortable, and then slowly take it to the location you prefer. One of the best practices to follow is to put your cat in the box after play sessions, meals, and naps, also when they seem to want to "go." This should be done for at least the initial few days when the cat comes to live in the home. This will help you train them pretty quickly.

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