ALERT: Don't Leave You Dogs in Your Car This Summer



Every summer we hearย countless stories of dogsย passing away due to heat. The majority of these cases come from people leaving their dogs in cars. As a pet parent, it is up to you to make sure that your pet is safe. By leaving dogs in carsย for any period of time, you are shirking that responsibility.

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In the span of 20 minutes, a car left outside in 70-degree weather will ย reach an internal temperature of 99. Extrapolate that, on a 90 degree day (which we are only going to see more of) the temperature inside your car can hit 120 degrees in just over 20 minutes! That is more than hot enough to cause a heat stroke -- especially if the subject in question is wearing a fur coat and cannot sweat.

RELATED STORY: 5 Remedies for Car Sickness in Dogs and CatsAnd the internal temp only grows over time. At midday on a scorcher, the inside of a car can easily get up toย 130 degrees. Also, despite what you may have heard, cracking the windows doesn't help.



Sure, it is nice to take them out for a drive, but at what cost? Every time you leave your pet in the car unattended, you run the risk of heat stroke. Also, in many places, you can receive a fine -- or worse.

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Simply put, leave your pet at home. You could also leave them tied to a post outside, but many people do not approve of that approach, as it leaves open the possibility that someone could mess with, or steal, your pet. Also, by leaving them unattended outside, there is a chance that they could nip at someone, which could result in a legal issue.

RELATED STORY: 5 Tips for Dog Safety Around The HomeSo this summer, please play it safe. When you are going out to run errands or anything of the sort, leave your pet at home. They will thank you for it.Sign up forย PetPlus, a benefit program for pet owners that provides member-only access to medications at wholesale prices, plus discounts on food, supplies, vet visits, boarding, and more.Sources:Salisbury Post - Editorial: Don't Make Pets Suffer In Hot CarsDepartment of Geosciences - Heatstroke Deaths of Children in Vehicles
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