8 Types of Cats with Blue Eyes You'll Love Starting into These Cats' Baby Blues

8 Types of Cats with Blue Eyes

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There's just something arresting about blue eyes, don't you think? These eight lovely cats feature sparkling blue eyes.

There’s nothing quite so striking as a pair of dazzling blue eyes, and this charming feature is made even more special when seen in the animal world. Blue peepers can be found in a number of cat breeds, especially those with white fur or pointed markings. This trait can turn up in other breeds as well, and occurs equally in both males and females. Below are some cat breeds that have been blessed with baby blues.


The Balinese came about as a longhaired mutation of the Siamese, and the breeds share all of the same features with the exception of the Balinese’s silky, flowing coat. Named after the graceful dancers of Bali, the Balinese has a long and elegant body, a full-plume tail, and sparkling blue eyes. These cats have wonderful personalities, a high level of intelligence, and just like their Siamese cousins, they love to talk.


The blue-eyed Birman is without a doubt one of the most adorable cat breeds. These fluffy felines have pointed coats and one very special feature -- white paws. They are incredibly sweet-tempered, sociable, and enjoy being held, which makes them an excellent choice for homes with children and/or other pets.


The Himalayan is a type of Persian cat that was developed by incorporating the Persian’s lustrous coat with the Siamese’s color patterns. These soft and fluffy cats have deep blue eyes and lovely personalities. They are affectionate but do not demand constant attention, and their calm demeanors make them ideal companions for the elderly.  


The Javanese is a playful breed with a long and graceful body, silky coat, and exquisite sapphire eyes. These are active and social cats who prefer to be around people. Because of their level of intelligence, they tend to be very inquisitive and can be trained.


Ragdolls are large and laid-back cats who get their name from their cuddly nature. These pointed cats tend to be more interested in humans than many other breeds, and they will follow you around, sleep on you, and basically choose to be where you are. They are gentle, well-behaved, and easy to care for, which makes them ideal pets for people with busy lifestyles.


Perhaps the most famous of all the blue-eyed breeds, the Siamese is a curious and intelligent “people cat” and an expert communicator. These cats are very, very talkative and will use both their loud voice and lean body to get your attention. They are best known for their wedge-shaped heads, large pointed ears, and emotive blue eyes.


These rare cats have strong color point markings and in the purebreds, brilliant blue eyes. Snowshoes are affectionate, talkative, and social cats who exhibit great devotion to their owners. They make great companions, and they are also very intelligent and easy to train.



The loving Tonkinese comes in 12 colors and patterns, and each one has some variety of blue eye ranging from true blue to aqua to yellow-green. These are popular companion pets because they are active and playful yet perfectly content to take up residence on your lap. The Tonkinese is a very social cat and gets along well with children, other pets, and visitors. They are so social, in fact, that they prefer not to be ignored or left alone. Because of this, many people end up with a pair of Tonkinese.

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