8 Dog Products and Trends Coming in 2014 Fun Times Ahead For You and Your Best Friend

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Dog lovers enjoy making sure their pooch has the best of the best and the latest products out there. Find out what the newest trends are that we think will be gaining ground in 2014.

More and more we’re finding ways to include our pets in the trends we indulge in. You may have thought you did it all with your dog in 2013, but never doubt pet lovers’ abilities to dream up new dog products and trends!

Check out these 8 trends we can’t wait to get down on with our dogs in 2014. (Well, maybe there’s one we can wait for.)

1. Party Time Pups

Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza … music festivals have been all the rage this past year. Now imagine how much more epic they would be if you could attend them with your best friend. Here’s hoping musicians like Moby, Ke$ha, Paul McCartney, and Pink rally together and get a pet-friendly festival off the ground in 2014.

And in cities like New York, Austin, and Portland where dog-friendly bars are opening their doors one after another, we’ve got a feeling you’ll be finding yourself at more “pup” crawls in 2014 than ever before.

2. Fusion Dog Treats

Think Guy Fieri concoctions, but of the canine variety. While we’re off enjoying mindblowing appetizers in which Italian delicacies are fused with Chinese traditions our dogs are left to nosh on the same old treats. So in 2014 why not bring them fusion treats of their own straight from Flavortown. Like say... winner, winner, wasabi-bbq chicken dinner?

3. Fit Fidos

Scrolling through Facebook newsfeeds, it seems like the gym has been the hottest check in spot of 2013. Being physically fit is where it’s at, and come 2014 it’ll be all about getting your dog on track with you. Don’t be shocked if you see actual brick and mortar doggy gyms popping up in your neighborhood, or if you find yourself online ordering a dog treadmill -- yes, they do already exist.

4. Lap of Luxury

Forget those bean bag-esque dog beds and plastic feeding bowls. They were so, well, the past decade. It’s about to be 2014. Luxury loungers, mini versions of full-size couches made with top of the line fabrics and designed for your dog’s comfort, could be the perfect addition to your living space, creating a sense of sophistication. And don’t forget the hi-tech pet feeder. It’ll keep your dog hydrated while you’re the one running important errands and release kibble if those errands happen to take longer than expected.

5. Send Off Videos

Thanks to the YouTube generation you can now cinematically keep your dog’s memory alive, long after saying good bye. 2014 will likely see more pet owners hiring professional video editors to collage old photos, splice in home video clips, and professionally shoot final segments of their life together with their dog, pulling it all together with a three-minute, heart-wrenching song.

6. Pet Training Apps

Still having trouble getting your dog to sit? Well, the answer is in your pocket. Just take out your phone and download an app that will walk you through the training process. 2014 will be the year when pet training apps blow up. They’ll have an answer for all of those unexpected issues, like say when you’re at the dog park and your dog just won’t stop humping the other dogs. We expect they’ll also feature emergency information such as how to administer first aid.

7. Destination Pet Vacation

What’s a family vacation if everyone can’t attend? We’re anticipating the number of pet-friendly vacations booked to increase in 2014. With mom-and-pop bed and breakfasts welcoming pets and hotel chains reconsidering their policies, just imagine the possibilities for a fun time away. Plus there are more companies around today like Animals Away that can handle your dog’s travel itinerary, while you manage yours.

8. Pet Prescription Plans

More and more pet parents are getting pet insurance policies, and many expect the trend to continue in 2014. But what about a plan for your dog that has no restrictions for pre-existing conditions, and steps in to help the most the moment your pet gets sick? Membership in PetPlus gets you 75 percent off pet medications -- a great choice for pets who need recurring meds.

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