6 Ways You Can Pamper Your Pooch



Every now and again it's nice to treat yourself. Maybe you like to take a vacation, or a day of relaxation at the spa -- you deserve it! But what about your dog? Havenโ€™t they been good, too? Next time you're thinking up a way to pamper your precious pup, put down the rawhide and try one of these deluxe alternatives.

1. Fancy Grooming


While grooming may not seem that extravagant, it most certainly can be. A bare bones grooming is done out of necessity, but there are pet groomers that take it to another level -- giving dogs a haircut, painting their toenails, and even putting in crazy hair extensions like these! Get your pooch a mani/pedi and really show your dog you care.

2.Luxury Treats


Want to really give your pup a treat? The whole idea of gourmet foods is rapidly expanding into the dog marketplace, giving you dozens of new, wild ways to tantalize your dogโ€™s taste buds. From homemade biscuits to puppy ice cream, smoothies, and even beer, the world of dog treats is constantly growing. Even the food truck fad is starting to acknowledge our furry friends' need to feed.

3. New Chew Toys


Remember when you were a kid? What was better than getting a brand new toy? Nothing, that's what. Well, if we think of dogs like children that never grow up -- which is accurate on a number of levels -- a new toy for them is exciting at any age. And with today's extensive catalog of available dog toys, you could get them a new one every day for the rest of their lives and never buy the same one twice.


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A fun way to show your pet how much you care is to get them a nice, new outfit. Obviously, make sure your dog enjoys wearing clothing first, but if they are one of the thousands of pooches that likes dressing up, a new vest, skirt, or even a pair of doggles (goggles for dogs), can be a great way to make your pooch feel extra special.

5. Spa Day


Is your dog looking a little burnt out? If your dog seems a little rough around the edges, there are doggie spas where staff will help your dog find their center and achieve some inner peace. Certain spas offer dog massage treatments, dog hydrotherapy, and even doga, a form of yoga, that (you guessed it) you can do with your pooch. Gives โ€˜downward facing dogโ€™ a whole new meaning!

6. Build a Doghouse


I know you think your dog wants to be by your side every hour of every day, but it can be nice to give them a place they can call their own. A dog house can be a great way to let Fido know that they can get some alone time if they want. And while most people go for a more standard, snoopy-style dog house, some people really go above and beyond. Check out how these eccentric pet-lovers do doghouses.

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