6 Dog Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

6 Dog Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

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While we just talked about this topic with

Sam's post on Tuesday, the topic of dogs and the 4th of July

is a hot one, so we're revisiting some points and introducing a couple new ones.Loud noises. Big crowds. Flashing lights in the sky. Leftovers from barbeques. The Fourth of July is a great day for families and friends all across America, but can be challenging for your dog. Find out six simple ways you can ensure a healthy, happy, anxiety-free day for your pup. 

1. Food Safety During Barbeques

Whether or not you allow your dog to eat human food is likely a decision youโ€™ve made a long time ago. But food at a barbeque can be particularly dangerous for dogs: alcohol is always a no-no, but so are the onions youโ€™re having on your burger, the avocado in your guacamole, and the bones that might be in grilled chicken. Be sure to let your friends know not to share food with your pet.

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2. Prepare for Loud Noises

If you know -- or suspect -- that your dog doesnโ€™t like loud noises, plan ahead. Make sure your pet has a safe spot in the house to hang out, cover up the noises if possible, and provide your pet with a Thundershirt

or other swaddle-like outfit.

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3. Donโ€™t Bring Your Dog to the Fireworks

The crowds of people, loud crash of the fireworks exploding, and unexpected flashes of light are hard on your dog. We recommend that you leave dogs safely at home. Itโ€™s easy for a dog to panic, run away, get lost, or generally freak out during fireworks. Since itโ€™s not a pleasant activity for pets, leaving them at home is both the kindest and the safest option. 

4. Definitely Donโ€™t Leave Your Dog in the Car

If for some reason, leaving your dog at home is not an option, it would be preferable to bring your dog with you rather than leaving your dog alone in the car. During the heat of the summertime, leaving your dog in the car -- even with the windows cracked open -- is unsafe.

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5. Make Home Cozy for Your Pet

If your dog will be home alone while youโ€™re out celebrating Independence Day, or even if youโ€™ll be around, make your house into a comfortable environment for your pet. For crate-trained dogs, the crate can be the most comforting place to ride out the wild night. Close the curtains to help block out the lights from the fireworks, and think about leaving the television on, or playing music for an audio distraction. Make sure that all doors and windows are closed -- even a normally placid pup can have an urge to escape when confronted a the fear-inducing situation. 

6. Be Careful With Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Whatโ€™s good for you isnโ€™t necessarily OK for your pet. Donโ€™t give your pet a spritz of bug spray, and avoid using sunscreen for people on their fur. As well, citronella and lighter fluid can also be dangers for dogs, so make sure to keep those items far away from your pup.

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