6 Dog Breeds Prone To Obesity


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Obesity is such a big health problem because it can lead to numerous life-threatening diseases. While exercise and diet are important in keeping obesity at bay, there are certain breeds of dogs that find it difficult to shed those extra pounds. Here are six dog breeds that are prone to obesity:

Basset Hounds

As basset hounds have short legs, they arenโ€™t the fastest runners in the canine world. As a result of this, basset hounds donโ€™t burn a large number of calories every time they go out to play or for a walk. In addition to their short legs, basset hounds are also known to be lazy. When you put these two factors together, you can see why basset hounds are prone to obesity. Basset hounds can maintain their weight if they follow a strict diet.


Due to beagles low metabolism rates, they can gain weight quite easily. Back in the day, people used beagles for hunting, which gave them numerous opportunities to cover large distances. However, as beagles donโ€™t have that luxury any more, they are prone to obesity. The best way to keep the weight of beagles in check is to give them balanced diets with plenty of exercises.


As dachshunds were originally hunting dogs, they need a lot of exercises to maintain their figure. However, most owners believe that dachshunds donโ€™t need to be highly active because of their size. Coupled with their short legs, its harder for them to burn a lot of calories in a short span of time. If dachshunds become overweight, they are more vulnerable to inter-vertebral disc disease (IVDD).

English Bulldogs

It is a common belief that English Bulldogs should remain overweight because they look strong and mean. However, it is important to help them maintain their weight because it can lead to a large number of health problems. On top of that, English Bulldogs donโ€™t like exercising too much because of their short muzzles which makes it harder to breathe. Due to these factors, English Bulldogs are prone to obesity.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are more likely to gain weight because their owners find it hard to say no to them. When Golden Retrievers ask their owners for food, they will most likely give it to them. Since Golden Retrievers appetite has no end, they will continue to eat till their owners donโ€™t give them food.

Labrador Retrievers

Most vets will agree that Labrador Retrievers are most vulnerable to obesity because of their never-ending appetite. Due to their large build, Labrador Retrievers build up a huge appetite when they go out for walks. As Labrador Retrievers will eat anything given to them, it is extremely easy for them to gain weight.These are the six dog breeds that are prone to obesity. If you have any queries regarding this topic, leave a comment below!

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