5 Ways To Take Care Of Easily Scared Cats

5 Ways To Take Care Of Easily Scared Cats

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The sense of fear is common in animals and everyone including us use it as a defense mechanism. Fear is a way of surviving in the wild and it is often used to keep one alive. It is especially common in stray cats and dogs who are daily exposed to many stress factors around them. If youโ€™re the owner of a stray cat who gets scared easily, then you know how tough it can be to gain their trust. Here are 5 ways in which you can easily take care of your scared cat.

#1. Keep distance

More than often, youโ€™ll find your cat running away from you. Even though youโ€™re the one who might have given him a space to live and food to eat, she will still have trust issues. Months and years of psychological stress creates a deep sense of fear in such animals. Keep your distance and never get too close to the cat especially from behind. Never make sudden moves as it might scare your cat.

#2 Try games

It will be a while since your cat gets adjusted to the new routine. One of the best of doing it is through games. Hang a piece of cloth on a stick and try playing with your cat. She will show shyness and fear at first but in a few days, she is bound to get back to her playing mood.

#3 Give good food

Stray cats are expected to be malnourished and it is your duty to look after the proper nourishment of your cat. Provide food that is rich in vitamins and minerals and allow your cat to regain her strength. Often, weakness in animals leads to a sense of fear.

#4 Offer treats

Treats donโ€™t work as well with cats as it does with dogs but it is a good shot. Use treats to congratulate your cat on good behavior or every time he she comes near you. It can be used to make initial contact with your cat. Keep a handful of treats ready and use it whenever you feel it is required.

#5 Visit a psychologist

You wonโ€™t always know the reason of psychological stress in your cat. Take her to an animal psychologist and have her checked.


Take care of scared cats takes time and patience. In the first few days after you adopt a cat, especially one that has been a stray, it will show signs of fear due to stress. Avoid contact and maintain a distance with the cat. Also, provide good food and give treats whenever necessary. Take her to an animal psychologist and have her checked for the cause of psychological stress.

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