5 Ways To Have Fun and Stay Cool with Your Dogs this Summer

5 Ways To Have Fun and Stay Cool with Your Dogs this Summer


Summer means fun, and our dogs can pick up on the sense of excitement that comes with the warm weather. Be it swimming,

hiking, or just playing in the yard we love having fun. Here are some tips on how to have fun and stay cool and safe in the heat of summer.1. Get WetDogs donโ€™t regulate their body heat the same way we do. When a dog pants they is releasing all of their heat from a small area, and because of that our furry friends can be more inclined to get heat stroke than us. The best way to stay cool while staying active in the summer is to get wet. Whether your outdoor bath will come from a pool, a bucket, or a hose, the water play will mix exercise and refreshment in the best possible way. Also, mud! Dogs love it, kids love it, pigs love it. It must be a good thing. 2. DogaHereโ€™s something you might not have tried before โ€“ Doga! Dog yoga is transitioning from trendy oddity to a useful wellness technique to keep your dog's mind engaged and well-trained. The best part is you can bond with your pet as you practice. Learn more about doga and get a karmic boost.3. Embrace a New Sleep ScheduleYour pets are already probably doing it and you should be too. Summer is marked by long hot days where heat peaks in the afternoon. Whether you run with your dog or just play fetch you should try to do your activities in the early morning or at dusk. How can you make up for lost sleep during early mornings or late nights? Take an afternoon siesta with your pooch.4. Get a HaircutIf your dog is a cold climate canine in a hot summer world they may need a haircut. Special grooming

can help alleviate unnecessary discomfort. But beware โ€“ a dogโ€™s natural coat can also insulate them from heat and protect them from the sun. If you do choose to trim your dogโ€™s coat do it responsibly and then go heavy on the doggy sunblock.

5. Beat the Heat with Water and Shade

Make sure your dog is always drinking in the hot weather. Sometimes you might have to encourage drinking by adding a little flavor to the water (think tuna fish water or meat broth) so that they are happy to stay hydrated. If you run with your dogs or take them to the park bring a water bottle and a bowl just for them.

Find ways to play in the shade. Your dog will probably seek out shade naturally but make sure there is always plenty available. Keep in mind that their paws are sensitive to the hot ground and stay on the grass or dirt whenever possible.

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