5 Tips To Keep Your Dogโ€™s Ears Clean And Hygienic

5 Tips To Keep Your Dogโ€™s Ears Clean And Hygienic

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Any dog parent knows how sensitive dogโ€™s ears are and how important it is to regularly clean them to avoid infections and other irritations. But they also know how difficult a task it can be to get your dog to sit in one place and thoroughly clean his ears. Sometimes, you may not even be sure if you are doing it right, and it is important that you do it right. Otherwise, serious damages can be caused. So here are the best tips to keep your dogโ€™s ears clean and hygienic.

Use good quality ear cleaner

There are a number of ear cleaners available, but whichever one you choose should be of good quality and a trusted brand. Never use olive oil, shampoo, vinegar or other harmful solutions to clean your dogโ€™s ears.ย Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner and Trixie Contour Ear Cleaner are the popular and commonly used dog ear cleaners.

Use a large amount of ear cleaner

The key to effective dog ear cleaning is to use a large amount of ear cleaner. As the ear canals go pretty deep, the massaging and wiping steps will obviously not get all the ear discharge out. Instead, the purpose of this is to break up the discharge lining the inside of the ear canal so that it mixes with the ear cleaner. Your pet dog will shake the solution out on his own.

Avoid cotton buds

You can use cotton buds to clean the outside of the ear and its surrounding areas. But never ever make use of cotton swabs inside the ear canal since they can cause serious damages.ย An easier, safer and more practical method to clean the ear canal is to soak the cotton ball in the ear cleaning solution and repeatedly wipe the inside of the ear with it until there is relatively lesser residue on the cotton ball.

Remember to give treats

Unless you do something to make ear-cleaning seem like fun, it will always be a difficult and dreaded task both for you and your dog. You are lucky because dogs are easily conditioned to associate one thing with another. Treats can always be of great help each time your dog โ€˜is a good boyโ€™ during the ear cleaning process.

Have everything you need handy

Keep all the tools you require to effectively clean your dogโ€™s ears within reach. You will find yourself having to start from the beginning โ€“ trying to make him stay in place โ€“ all over again if you get up even once after starting.

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