5 Tips To Create A Time-Table For Your Puppies

5 Tips To Create A Time-Table For Your Puppies

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Puppies are like children. They need to be fed, bathed and taken care of every day. Taking proper care of puppies is a tough job if you don’t follow a routine. Many people think that creating a routine or time tables for puppies is tough but on the contrary, it is quite similar to any other time table. As the name suggests, time-tables divide daily works into different time slots. Here are 5 tips which you need to keep in mind to create the best time-table for your puppies:

  1. Give food on time
    Diet is an important part of any time-table and giving your puppies food on time ensures that their health is taken care of. You should include 3-4 small meals throughout the day to keep the puppies well-fed. Since they are growing up, it is important that their diet contains all the important nutrients that are necessary for bone and fur development.

  2. Include plenty of water
    Include plenty of water and make it a point to keep the water bowl always full. You must protect your puppies from dehydration by giving them plenty of water. Also, make sure that the puppies are drinking enough water. Keep a check from time to time

  3. Sleep time is very important
    One of the problems that pet owners suffer from is getting their pets to sleep at a particular time. The worst thing that can happen to a pet owner is having a pet who stays awake the entire night. For some pets, night time is play time. If you want to avoid all of this, then you need to teach your puppies to sleep at the right time. And this is the correct time to learn sleeping habits.

  4. Don’t forget exercise
    To ensure that your puppies fall asleep at a given time, allow them to engage in different activities throughout the day. Give them plenty of exercise. It will keep them fit and by the end of the day, they will be tired enough to fall asleep on their own.

  5. Stick to the time table
    One of the reasons why time tables fail is because owners fail to follow it regularly. If you create a time table, then make sure that you adhere to it strictly. If you’re going out or you are taking your pets out, make necessary adjustments in your time table that will suit you and your puppies.

Creating a time table for puppies is not as tough as people think it to be. All it takes is proper time management and the inclusion of important things like food, sleep, water and exercise. Once you start teaching your dog to do the right things at the right time, you will see how easy following a time table is.

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