5 Tips for Loose Leash Walking Your Dog

5 Tips for Loose Leash Walking Your Dog

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How often have you been pulled by your dog while taking them for a walk? Do you take the dog for a walk or does it take you? You might be thinking that they are trying to assert dominance over you but they are just free spirits who love going for walks as it is the most exciting part of their day. A leash is important for the safety of your dog and other people around you, but it can be frustrating for dogs as they want to explore the environment around them. So how do you take your dog for a walk without putting too much strain on them? Here are 5 tips that will help you in loose leash walking your dog.

  1. Use the stop and be still techniqueWhen your dog starts pulling the leash, rather than tugging the leash back, stop where you are and stay still till the leash relaxes. Only begin to move once the leash is completely relaxed. Keep following this technique till your dog stops pulling the leash.
  2. Walk in front of your dogBy constantly walking in front of your dog, you establish the fact that you are a pack leader. You should be the first one to step out of the house for the walk and the first one to step into the house after the walk. By being a pack leader, it becomes easier to set the pace for the walk.
  3. Talk to your dogDid you know that your dog isnโ€™t a good multitasker? Itโ€™s easy to distract them and keep their focus on you by talking to them. Also, dogs love interacting with you and getting your constant attention. Use this to your advantage to keep your dog close to you while going for a walk.
  4. Reward your dog on the goWhile you are taking your dog for their daily walk, give them treats while you guys are on the move. This to reward them for moving continuously rather than stopping every now and then. Initially, it might be a little hard to do this while you are walking your dog but keep at it till it becomes easy.
  5. Use the reverse direction techniqueIf your dog pulls while you are taking them for a walk, you can use the reverse direction technique. Rather than pulling the leash, turn away from your dog and walk in the opposite direction without yanking the leash. Use this technique as many times as possible till they learn to stop tugging the leash.

By using these 5 simple techniques, going for a walk with your dog will be a whole new and enjoyable experience.

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