5 Things to Know About the Munchkin Cat

5 Things to Know About the Munchkin Cat

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OK, letโ€™s just start by admitting that Munchkin cats are absolutely adorable. Their short little legs and big eyes are a winning combination of cuteness. These little cats are actually the result of a genetic mutation that causes their legs to remain short. The name Munchkin is derived from the characters developed by author L. Frank Baum in his wildly famous novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.The short history of the Munchkin cat reads that although the cats were seen infrequently during the 1940s, 60s and 70s, it was not until the 80s that their population grew. In 1983 a Louisiana music teacher rescued a pregnant cat from the streets and named her Blackberry. When the kittens were born the teacher was surprised to find half the kittens with short legs.The kittens appeared otherwise healthy and it was only their physical appearance that was different. One of the short legged males named Toulouse was gifted to a friend and it is quite possibly this male cat that that spread the Munchkin genes far and wide. It was only in 1995 that the Munchkin was introduced to the public as a new breed of cat.

Here are five facts about the Munchkin cat:
  1. Appearance: The body of a Munchkin cat is no different from most other cats. It is only the short legs that transform the look of this cat completely making it look like an over grown kitten with a cuteness factor overload.
  2. Health: Aside from the genetic mutation that causes the short legs studies have shown that Munchkin cats have no deformities. The vertebral column and spinal cord of Munchkin cats are normal and have no problems associated with them, in healthy cats.
  3. Speed: For a short legged cat a Munchkin can be very fast. Munchkins are known for their speed and agility and high energy levels.
  4. Curious little hoarders: Munchkin cats love to explore and examine everything in their presence. They will sniff out every corner and look under every piece of furniture to find out whatโ€™s in there. If they do chance upon something that takes their fancy they will keep it. Munchkin cats are hoarders and you can find their collection stashed away somewhere safe if you look for it.
  5. Company and cuddles: While many breeds of cats prefer the solitary life and like to be left alone most of the time, Munchkins are different. Munchkin cats love company and love cuddles even more. You will always find a Munchkin hanging around family members and hoping for some tender loving care.

There has been some controversy surrounding the Munchkin cat with some groups believing that it is cruel to breed a disabled cat. However there has been no medical evidence that the Munchkin is disabled so enjoy your dose of cuteness if you get a chance.

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