5 Signs That Your Dog Is Suffering From Separation Anxiety


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Separation anxiety occurs not only in humans but in pets too. Most owners have come home to find their house in a mess. Sometimes, your pets are just being naughty but sometimes itโ€™s a sign of separation anxiety. So, what is separation anxiety? It is a kind of psychological problem where the animal shows unruly or agitated behavior when the primary caretaker leaves or is about to leave. Separation anxiety can arise due to a number of reasons and below are 5 signs that dogs show when they suffer from anxiety behavior.

  1. Excessive barkingBarking is a way for animals to express themselves when theyโ€™re not comfortable with something. If your dog barks or howls when it is left alone, it could be a clear sign of separation anxiety. Being separated from their owner is something dogs arenโ€™t too comfortable with and they will express it through barking and howling.
  2. Destroying thingsDestructing things around the house comes naturally to some dogs suffering from separation anxiety. They chew on whatever objects they can find when they get separated from their caretaker. Dogs end up causing self-injury and in some cases even worse things can happen.
  3. UrinatingUrinating at odd hours inside the house is often a sign of separation anxiety but then again it might be caused due to a disease as well. If your dog urinates when youโ€™re not around, then it could be due to separation anxiety. In any case, take your dog to a vet and have him checked.
  4. EscapingA dog suffering from separation anxiety will try to stay with his/her owner as much as possible. Dogs sometimes escape from homes when theyโ€™re owner is not around because they feel lonely and want to stay with their owner. It can be dangerous if your dog escapes often and you should keep vigilance at all times. One of the best ways of doing this is to hire a pet sitter who can inform you in case something goes wrong.
  5. Pacing and walkingWalking patterns tell a lot about a dogโ€™s mood. A dog with separation anxiety will show unnatural pacing like walking on the same path again and again or walking around in circles. If your dog shows these uncommon walking behaviors when youโ€™re not around, it could be because of separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety in your dog is not a good thing and should be treated immediately. There are different signs that indicate the psychological problem in dogs. Destroying things, walking in circles or escaping are just some of the behaviors your dog will exhibit in your absence if he/she is suffering from separation anxiety.

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