5 signs that your cat has diabetes


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If you have a cat, then you should know that cats too, like humans, suffer from chronic health conditions. If left untreated it can prove fatal for them. As a pet owner, it is your duty to read signs that you cat may exhibit if it suffers from a health condition.Diabetes is a common problem for human beings. Almost everyone knows someone who suffers from diabetes. Cats too show signs of diabetes and unlike dogs they develop a form that is similar to type 2 diabetes in humans.

  1. High intake of waterIt can be hard to track how much water your cat is consuming daily because usually it will drink from multiples sources. But if you realize that you are refilling the water bowls too often than you should, it is a sign that your cat might be suffering from diabetes. Keep a track of how many bowls you have and how many times a day you are refilling them. If itโ€™s one cat, it becomes easy but for multiple cats you should change the plan a bit.
  2. High intake of foodCats can show extreme behavior when it comes to eating. Some are extremely fussy while eat like a glutton. Eating behavior will say a lot about your catโ€™s health. Cats who suffer from diabetes will usually eat more than they usually do. Youโ€™ll get to know this if your cat asks you for food more than the normal routine.
  3. Increased urinationThis is also easy to track since youโ€™ll be clearing out the litter box. If your cat is urinating more than it should, itโ€™s time to call the vet. Increased urination is a common sign of diabetes in both animals and humans.
  4. Decreased activityFatigue and signs of tiredness are also common signs of diabetes. If your cat shows decreased activity or lack of interest during play, it could very well be due to the lack of sugar in the body. The body instead uses fat for making energy. You should get your cat evaluated by a certified vet because things can become serious if left untreated.
  5. Weight lossWeight loss is a hard thing to gauge in animals but if you see your cat eating less, then it could lead to weight loss. In other cases, weight loss may even occur if your cat eats well or more during diabetes. Weight loss can be a serious health threat and you should take your cat to a vet.ConclusionCats, like human beings, are prone to health conditions like diabetes. The symptoms include low activity, increased appetite, increased thirst, increased urination and weight loss. If you see any of these signs in your cat, take him to a vet right now.
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