5 Places Where You Can Click Pet Photos with Santa


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Why celebrate Christmas alone when you can take your pet with you? From Christmas shopping to the traditional photo with Santa, there's no part of Christmas that your pet needs to miss. This blog post talks about pet-friendly brands and stores across the nation that welcome visits from you and your pupper or cat. If you're worried about your pet being too fierce or uncontrolled, just put him/her on a leash. Don't fret too much about accidents that may happen at the store because pet-friendly spots are typically prepared for common pet mishaps. Most of these spots even have clean-up stations so you can clean off your pet once you're done shopping.

Regardless, there are plenty of places where you can get a picture of your pet with Santa. If you missed this season, donโ€™t worry. The times flies between one Christmas and another.

Bass Pros Shops/Cabelaโ€™s
Bass Pros Shops and Cabela's now belong to the same organization. If you want to take a photo for your pet with Santa, then you could consider visiting Bass Pros Shops or Cabela's. Doing this is super easy with Bass Pros Shops and Cabela's. It's also free. Once you arrive at one of this brand's locations, you have to pick up a ticket at the entrance. The ticket booth, referred to as Bass Pass Ticket Depot is usually located in Santa's Wonderland. The ticket you get is a time tamped pass, so you simply have to show up with your pet at the prescribed time and have the picture taken.

Charlotte Christmas village
Apart from having your pet's picture taken with Santa, there's a lot that you can enjoy at Charlotte Christmas Village. It's a family event with markets run by local vendors. If you're excited for a spot of Christmas shopping along with the pet picture, there's no better place to visit than Charlotte Christmas Village. The event also has German food, breweries that make a fresh brew, live music, and a lot of fresh cheer and festivities in the form of events.

NASCAR Hall of Fame
This year, the NASCAR Hall of Fame teamed up with Autism Charlotte to create the most magical Christmas and Santa experience for families with autism or other special needs. Careful to exclude flashing lights, sounds, and smoke, this Christmas event is perfect for those who prefer quieter, subtle environments for Christmas festivities. The cost of the event pays for the photo, crafts, and a Christmas movie in the High Octane Theater.

Rock Hill
During Christmas, Rock Hill turns into the perfect Christmas wonderland with everything that you believe is an important part of the festival. With over 70 workshops and events scheduled, you and your family can also enjoy skating on the ice rink, participate in a gingerbread house making competition, write letters to Santa and enjoy the Dickens carolers who stroll around the lanes.

Bulldog Beer and Wine
Yet another option for pet photos with Santa is the paws with Claus event at Bulldog Beer and Wine. All of the proceeds from this event go to RescuedMe. As if the festivities weren't enough, 50 of the participants get a free drink, so they can get ahead on their holiday celebrations. Apart from drinking, dining, and shopping, you can also participate in various fun events to pass time.

There's a lot of fun stuff that you can do during Christmas with your pet, and there are many pet-friendly places and brands like PetPlus that make such activities possible. Explore the spots on this post to see where you can get your petโ€™s photo taken.

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