5 Halloween Party Games For Pets Pets Know How to Party Too!

5 Halloween Party Games For Pets

Our pets are just as important as any other member of our family, so it's always fun to include them in the things we do, especially during the holidays!

Your pet’s involvement in the Halloween festivities doesn’t have to stop at a funny costume. This year, why not throw a Halloween party especially for pets? Invite your pet-owning friends over, hang up some spooky decorations, and plan a series of fun Halloween party games. Here are 5 pet-friendly Halloween games that are sure to be a scream.

1.Costume Chompetition

Each pet parent walks their pet out in front of the crowd to show off their costume. After all of the pets have been shown, hand out blank slips of paper for voting. The winning pet receives a gift bag filled with a selection of treats.

2. Bobbing for Treats

Fill large bowls with water and drop in several treats (or bones or toys). Release the pets to go claim their prizes. Note: the more pets at your party, the more bowls you should have available. And always remember to ask your friends if their pets have ever shown signs of possessive aggression. Those pets should skip this game!

3. Treasure Hunt

Before your guests arrive, hide Halloween-themed treasures (such as treats and toys) around your house, in the yard, or on your street. Send pet parents and their pets off to find the hidden delights.

4. Trick-and-Treat

Each pet parent walks their pet out in front of the crowd to perform a trick. Each pet who performs a trick receives a treat. After all of the pets have performed, hand out blank slips of paper for voting. The pet who performed the best trick wins a special treat and a Halloween toy.

5. Halloween Agility Course

Set up an agility course in your backyard complete with pet-safe Halloween decorations. Use items from around the house such as chairs, tables, sheets, and towels to create obstacles and tunnels. Time each pet as they make their way through the course. The pet with the winning time receives a special treat and the pet parent wins a pet supply goodie bag!

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