5 Facts about Your Dogโ€™s Eyes That Perhaps You Didn't Know

5 Facts about Your Dogโ€™s Eyes That Perhaps You Didn't Know

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You all know that sensory perceptions in dogs is way superior to that of humans. They can see better, smell more, run faster, and perceive things much more acutely than humans. Dogsโ€™ eyes, especially, are quite interesting. Would you like to know some surprising facts about your dogโ€™s eyes and vision? It might help you understand your dog better.

Interesting facts about your dogโ€™s eyes and vision
  • Dogs are blind when they are born: Yes, that is correct. Even though dogs eventually end up with better vision than humans, they are born with absolutely no ability to see. In fact, puppies do not even open their eyes for the first few days after birth. It takes a few days, and at times a few weeks, for pups to finally open their eyes and be able to see their siblings, their mom, and their surroundings.
  • Dogs can see a limited number of colors: Dogs have a very keen sense of sight. Many people believe dogs see in black and white. Although not completely true, dogs have fewer color sensors in their eyes than humans, so the range of colors they see is limited. Dogs cannot see most shades of red and green and are more attuned to see blues and yellows. Remember this when getting toys for your dog the next time.
  • Dog vision works best at dusk and dawn: Yes, just before sunrise and after sunset is when dogs can see the best. This might be a good time to take your dogs out on walks or let them out to run around in the yard as they will possibly enjoy their outdoor jaunts the best at these times.
  • Dogs have three eyelids to keep eyes moist: If you thought your dog just have upper and lower eyelids, think again. Dogs have a third eyelid that ensures their eyes remain moist. Some dog breeds are known to have prolapse of this third eyelid, which can cause irritation and pain in the eyes if not diagnosed and fixed in time.
  • Dogs can see extremely well in darkness: Many dogs in the wind hunt at night, and have evolved to have extremely good vision at night. Dogs can see really well even when there is barely any light and possibly even in pitch darkness.

These are just some of the many surprising facts about dogs that many people, even dog owners, are not aware of most of the time. Knowing how your dog thinks, sees, smells, and tastes can give you a better understand of your dogโ€™s overall behavior and make sense of quirks and seemingly funny habits that your dog might exhibit.

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