5 Facts About Your Catโ€™s Brain That Nobody Will Tell You

5 Facts About Your Catโ€™s Brain That Nobody Will Tell You

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Animal cognition is a hot-button topic among scientists. They, like us, want to know what goes on in our pets' minds and after a few initial discoveries, realized there is a lot to learn. Laboratories are established all around the world to study the minds of pets. Cats are harder to understand than dogs as every cat owner knows: they can be difficult to work with. Some cats were so adamant that they were removed from the studies.

Following signs

Your cat may not understand your verbal language, but they are quick to pick up what you try to say by observing your body language. Your kitty understands what you mean to say when you point at something. Your cat knows you are hinting at something when you point towards it, This is the reason the kitty always walks to the food bowl when you point toward it.

Unfazed at disappearing objects

Any objects moving out of visual sight does not mean it disappeared forever. Humans instinctively understand the truth, but many animals do not. Cats can grasp the concept of an object hiding behind another. This is the reason cats wait for their mouse to reappear. This helps them to be solitary hunters.

Bad memory

Your kitty has a terrible memory. Its memory for short times, or in scientific terms "working memory", is found to decline after 10 seconds. It must be remembered however that the long-term memories of your kitty are excellent. This memory is susceptible to age or disease. Like humans' Alzheimer's, cats can suffer from Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD). It is also known as Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome or CDS. This is noticeable in older cats aged 10 years or more.

Understand time

Cats meow for breakfast almost at the same time every day. Same goes for lunch and dinner. It is evident that cats could understand the lengths of time. Experiments have shown they can differentiate between hours and minutes. This is made possible due to an internal clock which assesses event duration.

Comprehend quantity

Other than time, cats can differentiate between bigger and smaller quantities of the same thing or different objects. They understand that the larger unit contains more than the smaller one. This helps them to choose between two plates. Your kitty will always go towards the bigger plate. This helps cats to maximize food quantity at the time of hunting.

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