5 Dog Breeds That Prefer To Stay Away From The Water


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Most people expect their furry companions to be good swimmers. That might not always be the case. It is natural to want your dog to accompany you to the beach and maybe cool off with a swim in the lake. But not all dogs are great swimmers. In fact, some breeds prefer to stay as far away from the water as possible. Although these dogs are adorable, dog parents should take special care to leave them at home or someplace safe when going somewhere with water.Breeds that donโ€™t do very well in water are typically ones that have smaller frames with stubby legs. The way some dogs are built puts them in danger of sinking to the bottom as soon as they enter the water. Here are 7 dog breeds that are not great swimmers while theyโ€™re still adorable.

  1. PugsThese adorable little dogs are famous for their squished in faces and quirky snorts. Dogs that look like this are more commonly known as brachycephalic dogs. These dogs would need to tilt their head upwards in order to stay afloat and doing that would lead to the rest of their body to point downwards, which makes them achieve a vertical position while theyโ€™re in the water, causing them to sink.
  2. DachshundsAlthough Dachshunds can be taught to swim, they arenโ€™t the best contenders in the water. Their stubby legs make it very hard for them to paddle properly. These adorable pets prefer other fun activities inland. Theyโ€™re especially good at burrowing, hunting, and fetching.
  3. Basset HoundsBasset hounds currently hold the record for having the worldโ€™s longest ears. Basset hounds have a dense bone structure and short legs. They can still hunt and track inland as long as thereโ€™s no water in the way. Although they can swim, they arenโ€™t really good at it. They carry two-thirds of their entire body weight in the front of their body and that makes it difficult for them to stay afloat.
  4. BulldogsThese are dogs that also fall into the brachycephalic category. Known to be sturdy and dense, they do much better when theyโ€™re not in the water. They have short legs that make paddling a big hurdle. It also makes supporting their weight very difficult.
  5. MalteseThese are indoor dogs that are satisfied sitting on your lap and looking cute. This breed is capable of swimming and even paddling but there are certain health conditions that may arise from too much time in the water. The Maltese breed is more at risk for acquiring arthritis, rheumatism, and chills. Taking this breed on a swim with you can worsen his predisposed conditions.
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