5 Diseases That Pets Can Get from People

5 Diseases That Pets Can Get from People

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The Internet is flooded with infections and diseases that pets can give humans and how you can avoid contracting these infections. There are vaccinations and other medications available to protect you and keep you healthy while you care for your pet. However, did you know that you can also make your pet seriously ill?

Diseases and infections your pet can get from you and your friends
  • Ringworm: This is a misnomer, as the infection is caused by a fungus and not a worm. It is a skin infection that is common in both animals and humans. This is one of the few infections that can be passed both ways; you can get ringworm infections from your pet and can also infect your pet with this fungal infection. When you are being treated for ringworm, it is best to stay away from your pet to avoid such a situation.
  • Tuberculosis: Although the transmission is difficult and relatively rare, your pet can be infected with tuberculosis if you have the infection. Often, when a pet shows signs of tuberculosis, the owners are checked for undiagnosed tuberculosis infections.
  • Salmonella: Animals, including pets, usually contract this infection from food. Salmonella is the most common cause of food poisoning and related symptoms. However, pets can also get this infection from being in contact with humans who are infected. If you suspect food poisoning or salmonella infection it is best to keep stay away from your pet till your recover to avoid passing on the infection.
  • Mumps: This is a viral infection that most people today are vaccinated against. However, if you ever come down with mumps, which causes headache, fever, and swelling of salivary glands, ensure that you stay away from your pet. This is probably the most recent discovery of transmission of diseases from humans to animals. The United Kingdom had over 200 cases of such infections among pets, mainly dogs, in the beginning of 2017.
  • Flu or influenza: This is a relatively recent discovery, most types of flu cannot be transmitted by humans to their pets. However, in 2009, doctors diagnosed a pet cat with H1N1 virus. The lady who owned the cat was admitted with an H1N1 infection and, while doctors were treating her, her cat died of pneumonia caused by the same virus. Since then, other pets such as ferrets and dogs have been infected with this virus through contact with humans. Pets display symptoms similar to humans from this virus and may not survive if not treated in time. If you suspect you have the flu, it is best to isolate yourself from your pet till you recover completely.

These are some of the infections that are known to infect animals in contact with infected humans. If you are unwell with anything contagious, it is best to stay away from your pet till your recover.

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