5 Common Conditions That Will Require You To Call For A Vet

5 Common Conditions That Will Require You To Call For A Vet

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The affection and comfort that animal companions give us is beyond compare. They are as dear to us as a family and that is why it breaks our heart if we find them even a little under the weather. Unable to understand why our pets are behaving in an unusual manner, we worry over it. Groping in the blind can be quite a harrowing experience, which is why it is always best to call in the expert when in doubt. Here are a few of the most common pet afflictions that need a vetโ€™s attention.

  1. DiarrheaOften accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea is a common condition that pets suffer from. Generally most upset stomachs get cured within 24 hours. However, if it extends beyond that time frame, it requires medical intervention. The vet should be called in immediately if the pets are in pain, throw up at frequent intervals, vomit blood or pass bloody stools or urine, look weak and dull, or have ingested something they shouldnโ€™t have.
  2. SwellingsBumps or swellings may be caused by anything ranging from an insect bite to a cancer. Some may be harmless while some may not be as benign as they look on the outside. Consulting a vet will help ascertain the cause of the lump and ensure that timely treatments are given to the pets.
  3. LethargySleeping more than usual, listlessness and loss of appetite is a clear indicator that something is not quite right with our furry friends. It can have many diverse causes such as age, arthritis, poisoning, neurological disorders or systemic diseases. To identify the root problem and to treat it, the help of a vet is absolutely essential.
  4. Respiratory issuesBreathing difficulties can manifest as sneezing, wheezing, raspy and shallow breathing, choking and coughing in our beloved pets. It may be triggered by simple allergies, foreign objects lodged in their airway and blocking it, lung diseases, respiratory tract disorders or heart diseases.
  5. Eye or ear problemsWhether it be for the eye or the ear itching, irritation, swelling, redness, unusual discharge and continuous pawing of the area, are all signs of an infection setting in. They may also be due to allergies or a foreign object trapped in the eye or the ear. Urgent medical attention should be given to the pets suffering from these symptoms to alleviate their pain as fast as possible and to ensure that they donโ€™t lose their sense of sight or hearing altogether.As the same symptom can point to a number of underlying illnesses, it is difficult to diagnose the problem without the required medical expertise. A timely consultation with the vet would ensure that our pets have a safe and comfortable recovery period.
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