5 Cat Breeds That Are Surprisingly Affectionate

5 Cat Breeds That Are Surprisingly Affectionate

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Cats may not be among the most affectionate of animals, but some cat breeds can take you by surprise with how open to snuggling up they are. Cats can be quite distant and aloof, agreed. They arenโ€™t as ready to cuddle as dogs are, either. However, this doesnโ€™t mean that cats donโ€™t need affection from their humans. Cats love attention and affection as much as other pets. Theyโ€™d like nothing more than to curl up and go to sleep in your lap. The difference is, cats tend to be independent and may not necessarily express this need. Listed below are 5 cat breeds that are exceptionally affectionate and would make for perfect cuddle buddies -

  • Ragdoll โ€“ Ragdolls enjoy being indoors, surrounded by people showering them with affection. They are equally comfortable with kids and adults. The Ragdoll is laidback and loving. The breed has come to be named so, as they become limp in your arms, just like a ragdoll would. The Ragdoll cat breed enjoys being held and handled by their human companions just as any pup would.
  • Singapura โ€“ The Singapura cat breed is tiny in size but full of vibrant energy. They love being the center of attention and being tasked with helping around the house. Despite their boundless energy and enthusiasm, Singapura cats enjoy their share of snuggle time just as much. Donโ€™t be surprised if you find your Singapura tucked into your blanket beside you when you sleep โ€“ it's only trying to draw some warmth and affection from you.
  • Balinese โ€“ The Balinese is an extremely intuitive and sensitive cat breed. It will know when you're feeling out of sorts and come cuddle with you to lift your mood up. Good-humored and friendly, these cats are a delight to snuggle with.
  • Siamese โ€“ The Siamese cat is incredibly affectionate and likes to convey its feelings vocally to its caregivers. If you own a Siamese cat, you will find it fitting itself into the cradle of your arm pretty often, as it proceeds to meow the events of its day in detail to you.
  • Scottish Fold โ€“ Do you happen to have a Scottish Fold around the house? You can trust it to follow you around wherever you go. Loyal and playful, these cats want your attention and are not afraid to ask for it. Overall, the Scottish Fold cat is a great family pet โ€“ one you wonโ€™t regret bringing home.

Still think cats canโ€™t be affectionate? The 5 cat breeds listed above love to snuggle up to their pet parents. When you bring a member of these cat breeds home, you will be taken aback as to how open to showing affection cats can be!

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