5 Brain Games To Play With Your Dog

5 Brain Games To Play With Your Dog

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It is important for dog owners to train their pets and stimulate their brains through new and challenging activities. A dog grows when he is exposed to different situations that makes him use his brain. Also, it helps develop a strong bond between the owner and the dog.Usually, learning for any pet happens through games and play. Below is a list of 5 games that you can play with your dog for better brain development.

  1. Hide & SeekA dog uses his sense of smell to seek out different things in his vicinity. One of the simplest games to play is hide and seek and the best way to do it is with treats. Build obstacle courses and hide treats in boxes. Additionally, rub the scent from the treat in different places. It helps your dog become a natural problem solver and helps him get some exercise as well.
  2. Ring StackersRing stackers is a great game to teach dogs the eye-paw or eye-mouth combination. Donโ€™t expect your dog to be perfect with it even as he grows because a dogโ€™s brain development and a childโ€™s brain development is not the same. It will take some time but it is a fun game and will keep your dog engaged.
  3. Shell GameThe shell game is favorite among people who like to bet and it helps increase observation skills. You can do the same with your dog by putting a treat under an opaque plastic cup and exchanging its position continuously with one or two other similar looking empty cups. The game requires observation and thinking in tandem. Your dog is bound to love the game because treats are involved.
  4. The chase gameThe best way to teach a pet anything and help them grow is through play and what better than the classic chase game. Tie a string or a stuffed animal at the end of a stick and watch your dog jump and run around as it tries to catch it.
  5. Hot and ColdThe hot and cold game is a great way to shape new behavior in your dog. Teach your dog to respond to โ€œhotโ€ or โ€œcoldโ€ with a specific trick that you have taught him. If he does it correctly, he gets a treat. Itโ€™s a simple game but very effective when it comes to brain development. It will increase memory and help dogs learn discipline through a fun-filled activity.ConclusionItโ€™s important for dog owners to train their dogs and help them grow both mentally or physically. By engaging them in a variety of fun games, owners can help their dogs become more responsive and more disciplined.
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