5 Awesome Reasons To Adopt A Senior Pet! Older and Wiser Is Just the Start

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Senior pets are a rare breed all in their own. They have certain qualities that most pet parents could only dream of their new puppy having. Here are some great reasons you should consider adopting a senior pet.

Did you know that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month? When the autumn leaves are crunching under your feet and Father Winter is knocking at the door, it’s a great time to visit a shelter or rescue group and celebrate the month by bringing a new friend home.

While many prospective pet parents think that adopting a puppy or kitten is the only way to go, the truth is that those little rascals -- adorable as they may be -- can be a lot of work. Senior pets, on the other hand, have already been through the housetraining, teething, and mischief-causing phases of their life, and they are ready to settle down.

Here are 5 reasons why bringing a senior pet home for good may be the best decision you ever make.

1. What You See Is What You Get

When adopting a new puppy or kitten, you never quite know how they are going to turn out. Some can grow much bigger than expected or develop not-so-nice personality traits. With an old-timer, all the mystery is taken out of the equation. You can visit your prospective pal and get a look at how big they are, how much they shed, and evaluate their demeanor. There should be no surprises with senior pets -- what you see is what you get.

2. Laid-back Lifestyle

Most senior pets are low-energy housemates. They are perfectly content to lounge around and cuddle up when they aren’t out having a walk. You may find in your senior pet a new TV-watching companion or reading buddy, so make some extra room on the couch.

3. When It Comes to Training and Tricks, They’re Old Pros

Most senior pets already know the score when it comes to things like housebreaking, destructive chewing, and other bad habits. Chances are your senior also understands some basic commands, and they are probably used to taking directions and following the rules. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the obedience.

4. Looking for Love

The majority of senior pets who are available for adoption are in that situation because they’ve outlived their owner or the family who previously cared for them could no longer do so. These pets are used to family life and having a warm place to curl up, and if you bring one home, they’ll thank you with plenty of love and affection.

5. You Could Be Saving a Life!

When senior pets end up in shelters, they are often the last to be adopted or they are overlooked completely. In some cases, this could mean that the animal is put down. You could save a senior pet’s life by bringing them home to join your family.

Check out these tips for transitioning a pet from a shelter to a new home, and since you’ll need to take your new pet to the veterinarian soon after you adopt them, review these 10 must-ask questions at a senior pet’s vet visit.

So what are you waiting for? Whether it is Adopt a Senior Pet Month or not, it’s always a good time to bring home a loving pet.

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