4 Ways to Turn Holiday Trash Into Day-After Cat Toys


One of the few drawbacks of a holiday like Christmas is the garbage accumulated after we open all of our lovely gifts. However, we here at PetCareRx hate the thought of anything going to waste, so we came up with a few crafty ideas on how to re-purpose that holiday trash ย into something special for your cat.

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1. BoxesCat-Box-Recycle

Instead of recycling all those boxes under the tree, how about this year you turn them into something a little more awesome? With a little bit of glue, a pair of scissors, and some masking tape, you can take what would otherwise have been a trip to the recycling bin and turn it into the fortress your cat has always dreamed of! Too bad you canโ€™t make one human sizedโ€ฆ

2. Gift Bags


Rather than using these bags for holding glass bottles or other kinds of refuse, if you sprinkle a little catnip on the bottom of the bag, you are sure to have a much better time watching your cat rustle around. Looks like this time the cat stays in the bag!

3. Wrapping Paper


Typically, all this decorative wrapping paper usually just ends up in the trash. How about this year trying to twist it into something fun? Just cut a strip, roll it up, and pull it, and you can take that useless mass of paper and turn it into a spiraled toy. Springy and fun, your cat will chase around this toy for days (although it will probably only last a couple days as well).

4. The Tree


Heaven knows that tree isnโ€™t getting any fresher, so while it still has some life left in it, why not let your cat have that which they have been pining for (no pun intended) since that evergreen showed up in the living room. Cut off the top of the tree and let them pretend that a bit of the great outdoors has been put in the hallway just for them.

NOTE: Make sure you keep an eye on your cat whenever they are playing with their new toy, just to make sure they are being safe.

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