4 Ways to Slow Down Your Cat's Eating

4 Ways to Slow Down Your Cat's Eating

Some cats get a little too excited when dinner time rolls around and devour their


at lightening fast speed. This is sometimes a problem in multi-cat homes; one cat inhales their food and then moves on to their siblingโ€™s share. It's notย only a frustrating situation, it can also result in tummy upset for your little speed-eater. In fact, fast eating is one of the most

common causes of cat vomiting

. And a cat who sucks in air while gobbling may suffer from hiccups, too.So how can you get your cat to hit the brakes when their bowl hits the floor?

Tip #1: Put a Ball in Their Bowl

Put a golf ball, ping-pong ball, or some other type of ball into your catโ€™s food bowl. The cat will have to eat around the ball, which will force them to slow down. Just make sure that the ball you choose is a large enough size that it canโ€™t be swallowed, and wash it regularly to avoid bacterial growth.

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Tip #2: Use a Muffin Tin

Separate your catโ€™s portion into the cups of a muffin or cupcake tin. Your cat will have to move from cup to cup and take their time to get the food out of each individual space.

Tip #3: Stuff a Puzzle Toy

Stuff a puzzle toy like the

Kong Wobbler

with your catโ€™s portion (keep in mind that this only works with dry food). Your cat will have to knock, spin, or drop the toy in order for it to dispense pieces of food. Using a puzzle toy not only slows your catโ€™s eating, it also provides them with some exercise (which most cats donโ€™t get enough of).

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Tip #4: Make a Scavenger Hunt

Another way to slow down your catโ€™s eating? Tap into their natural desires to hunt and explore. Hide food in different places around the house and then send your cat off to track it down. Your cat will feel like theyโ€™re on a mission, and youโ€™ll feel good knowing that your furry friendโ€™s meal will go down easy.

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