4 Ways to Keep Your Pets off Your Furniture


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Keeping pets off furniture is one of those debatable priorities among pet parents. Some pet parents want to cuddle with their pets on the furniture, even if it means having a stinky and hairy sofa.Other pet parents love their pets equally well, but feel that furniture is for people, and they donโ€™t mind taking whatever measures necessary to enforce the no-pets-on-the-furniture rule. If this describes you, here are four ways to keep your pets off your furniture.

1. Teach your dog the โ€œoffโ€ command.

While you obviously donโ€™t want to teach your dog to โ€œjump onโ€ the furniture to begin with, itโ€™s handy to know how to

teach your dog to jump off so they will at least understand what youโ€™re saying as you attempt to keep them off the sofa.

2. Make your furniture unappealing.

One major reason itโ€™s notoriously hard to train pets to stay off furniture is that your couch is just so darn comfortable. If you do a little bit of work to make your furniture unappealing to your pet, this will go a long way to squashing the forbidden allure of your sofa.There are various methods on the market you can purchase, such as a spray repellent

to deter dogs and cats. You can also consider a product like a

Scram Mat, a pad with a noisy alarm

. The sound will annoy your pet right off the furniture.Or you can just cover the surface when you arenโ€™t sitting there with upside down laundry baskets, plastic or cardboard. If you don't want to cover the couch, then upend the cushions, or put the cushions in the closet.

3. Get your petย their own furniture.

Hereโ€™s the other side of the coin: while youโ€™re busy making your furniture unappealing, entice your pet with a place of their own. You can create a

pet sanctuary to keep your dog or cat comfy, safe, and cozy. Donโ€™t forget to spring for a nice bed for your pet, like this DreamZone Fleece Pet Bed

. If they have a comfortable bed of their own, yours wonโ€™t seem so magical.

4. Use a homemade noise maker.

Cats and dogs both are reported to hate the sound it makes when you shake a can of coins. You can use a regular old soda can, and tape the mouth shut after youโ€™ve dropped some coins in there. Whenever your pet makes a move towards the furniture, just give the can a little shake. Leave the can sitting on the furniture when youโ€™re gone as a reminder.

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