4 Vegetables Your Dog Can Eat

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Although the branded food you feed your dog has all the nutrients, you can add vegetables to the mix. As they are dense in vitamins and nutritious, they are a healthy option for your canine.

For instance, you can use them as a snack to reward your dog for its good behavior. You don’t have to worry about your canine becoming overweight. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t serve large quantities of vegetables,

Given below are four safe vegetables your dog can eat without any problem:

Green Beans

It is quite easy to get your dog to start eating green beans. Did you know that this vegetable can provide vitamins K, C, and A, along with omega-3 fatty acids to your canine? Thiamin, manganese, iron, fiber, copper, calcium, beta carotene, niacin, riboflavin, and potassium are the other nutrients it provides.

You can chop them up and serve it raw to your canine. There is no problem if you steam it, as your dog can digest green beans. If you are going for the canned version, make sure it has low or no salt. 


Although children don’t love broccoli, your dog will be quick to gobble this vegetable the moment you put it on its plate. It helps combat inflammation due to arthritis and improve immunity.

The best part is the stalk, which acts like a natural toothbrush, removing plaque from your canine's teeth. It provides plenty of vitamin C and fiber, which is healthy for your dog. Make sure you keep the servings small so that your canine can digest it easily.


You can give your dog carrots and not think about anything, as this vegetable is a favorite among canines. The crunchy nature of carrots is one reason why your four-legged friend will love it.

It provides vitamin C, K, and A, along with potassium and fiber. Make sure you keep the portions in one or two-bite sizes. On top of that, while your dog munches on this vegetable, it will help clean his/her teeth. To ensure your canine can digest it, you should boil it or steam it, before serving this vegetable.

Sweet potato

If there is one vegetable that your dog cannot get enough of once it starts eating them, it is none other than sweet potatoes. These highly nutritious vegetables are great as they can fill the tummy of your canine quickly. On top of that, it provides vitamins A, C, B5, and B6 along with fiber, potassium, manganese. Make sure you boil them for at least 20 minutes so that it is tender and serve them in small portions. Do make it a point to add these four vegetables to your dog’s diet as it is a healthier option than giving it other types of snacks!

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