4 Tips For Taking a Dog to a Party

4 Tips For Taking a Dog to a Party

If youโ€™re a dog owner, one of the decisions youโ€™ll have to make when heading off to a


, birthday party, or dinner is whether or not you should bring your four-legged friend along. While in some cases it may not be appropriate to make Fido your plus-one,ย there are timesย your pal might be a welcome guest. Taking your dog to social occasionsย can aid in


, zap their energy, and stimulate their active minds.So how can you decide if you should take your dog to a party, and if you do, how can you ensure that they'll be invited to the next event?


If youโ€™re thinking about taking your dog to a party, first make sure they will be gladly received. Ask the host if they would be willing to have a dog at their event, and if they say yes, follow up with questions to determine if it makes sense to take your dog along. Are there anyย venueย rules? Do any attendees have serious allergies? Will there be small


? Other dogs? Any potential safety hazards? Doing your homework before you go can save you from trouble (or even having to leave) once you get there.

2. Teach Your Dog Manners

Even if a gathering sounds dog-friendly, you need to decide if your dog is party-ready. A dog who runs around like a bull in a china shop,

steals food off tables

, plays rough with children, or otherwise misbehaves will be a nuisance to guests and to you, and could cause serious damage or even injuries. Before taking your dog to a party,ย make sure they know some

basic commands

like "

sit" "stayโ€



. If your dog is prone to being




, destructive, rough with children, or hyperactive in new situations, deal with those issues before subjecting a party to their furry presence. If you need help, contact a

trainer or animal behaviorist


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3. Bring a Dog Party Kit

If you decide to take your dog to a get-together, bring a dog party kit along. The kit should include items that will make your dog feel comfortable, keep them from becoming bored, keep them safe, and distract them if necessary. For example, bring your dogโ€™s


or a blanket and set it up in the corner of a quiet room. You could also bring their favorite


, a new and engaging toy, or toys that guests can use to play with the dog (such as a tennis ball or frisbee if there is a backyard). If you want to distract your dog while the group eats dinner, bring a

chew toy



stuffed with peanut butter. And don'tย forget a water dish,

poop bags

, and a

dog first-aid kit


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4. Supervise Your Dog

Your dog is your responsibility no matter where you go. When you arrive at a party, donโ€™t let your dog off their leash and then forget about them for the rest of the evening. Remember that people who donโ€™t own dogs may not be as tuned into their needs as you are, and may not know to let your dog out to use the bathroom, keep the garbage bin secured, or stop your dog from consuming

poisonous foods

left out on a table. Keep an eye on your dog, check on them regularly if they are hanging out with other guests, and when necessary, attach a loose leash to keep your pal by your side.

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