4 Safety Tips For Dressing Your Pet

4 Safety Tips For Dressing Your Pet

Many pet parents like to dress their four-legged friends in clothes. Sometimes itโ€™s for fashion (e.g., tutus and t-shirts), sometimes itโ€™s for function (e.g., jackets, raincoats, safety vests, and protective boots), and sometimes itโ€™s to celebrate (e.g.,

Halloween and Christmas

costumes).While dressing your pet up can be both fun and functional, it is important to do it safely. Follow these 4 tips to ensure that your pet wonโ€™t become a fashion victim.

1. Don't Force Your Pet Into Clothes

Some pets love to wear clothes and become real hams when dressed-up. Other pets prefer the coat they already have, and may become stressed if forced into an outfit. If your pet looks uncomfortable,

anxious, or like they are having an allergic

reaction while wearing clothes, accept the fact they might not be cut-out for wearing a get-up.

2. Choose Clothes That Won't Cause Harm

Make sure that any clothing you buy is made out of non-

toxic materials, and that it doesnโ€™t have embellishments (like buttons) that could be swallowed or pieces that could become tangled. Also beware of loosely woven knit garments that could snag a tooth or toenail and accessories that could block vision. When it comes to buying pet clothes, those with the fewest bells and whistles are usually the safest.RELATED STORY: 5 Tips For Dog Safety Around The Home

3. Make Sure Your Pet's Clothes Fit Properly

Is your catโ€™s coat constricting? Is your dogโ€™s t-shirt too loose? You want to make sure that your pet has enough room to comfortably move around, but not enough room that the garmentย will cause chaffing or catch a leg in a loose opening. In addition, make sure that any clothing item can be easily removedย should your pet ever become tangled or injured.

4. Don't Leave Your Pet Alone In Clothes

Even if you buy the safest garment you can find, there is still a chance that your pet could get twisted up in it, catch it on a hook or fence, or get bored and decide to give it a chew, swallowing

pieces that could cause intestinal obstruction. If you want your pet to wear clothes, make sure that you are around to supervise.---

Does your pet wear clothes? Leave a comment and let us know what kind, and consider signing up for PetPlus to save on your petโ€™s medications, boarding, supplies, and more.
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