4 (More) Dog Care Tips That Every Owner Should Know


dog care tips

And now -- drum roll, please -- the second installment of Dog Care Tips! To read the first 4 pet hacks,

check out this post

.Here are four more helpful tips to make caring for your dog simpler while improving their quality of life. Because you can never care too much for your fur babies.So read up and learn how to be the MacGyver of pet parenting.

1. Ditch the tomato paste

Skunks are an inherent danger throughout the spring and summer, rustling through garbage and sending their familiar foul odor into the air. The stench can cover a wide area and be enough to nauseate even the most resilient individual. Being naturally curious animals, dogs are constant victims of direct hits from skunk spray. Bark Post recommended some simple chemistry that can replace the messy tomato paste solution that many owners useย 

in the event of a skunk incident

. Mix together 1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda and 2 teaspoons ofย dish soapย and thoroughly scrub it into the skin. Rinse the four-legged friend in a warm bath and repeat until the smell is gone.

2. Personal nail care

Trips to the groomer can be both long and expensive, butย areย sometimesย necessary to ensure that the family dog gets a thorough cleaning, haircut and nail trim. Because they have nerve endings that course through their nails, some dogs can experience pain when having them clipped. This can get even worse when unaware owners try to groom their pets at home and wind up doing more harm than good. Rather than take the risk or spend large amounts of money on professional services, ViralNova explained that pet parents can construct a simple solution for nail clipping. Gluing blocks of sandpaper to a strip of wood thenย 

training the family dog to scratch at it

ย can result in him doing his own nail care. The sandpaper will file down his claws naturally and save owners big bucks in expensive visits to the grooming parlor.

3. Control eating speed

Many dogs only eat around two meals per day, as determined by their owners. Often, they'll scarf down whatever's dropped into their bowls at a lightning speed. However, this isn't good for their nutrition, as eating so quickly can make even the most seasoned dog sick. According to Bark Post, placing a tennis ball in aย 

dog bowl

ย helps control the speed at which canines eat their food. They'll have to maneuver around the ball when trying to eat and it slows down their progress, allowing pups to better manage their consumption.

4. Easy teeth cleaning

Any dog owner will tell you that dental hygiene is a challenge. Canines usually don't respond well to getting their teeth brushed, so having an easier way to get the job done can save pet parents a lot of headaches. After purchasing the appropriateย 

toothpaste for dogs

, ViralNovaย suggested that owners put some of the product on their dogs' favorite toys. As they chew and lick it off, they unknowingly clean their own teeth and freshen their breath. Not only is this much easier, it can save pet parents money that might normally be put toward professional cleaning services.


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