3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Adopting a Dog


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Adopting a dog into the family is quite an important decision. Your dogs will blend into the family like a member and he/she will begin to identify with the family and treat them like his/her pack members.If you have been thinking about adopting a dog and giving it some serious thought indeed, then there are a few things you might want to consider.Some individuals may decide to adopt a dog instead of buying it from a breeder or a pet shop. While this is an excellent decision, dogs put up for adoption might require a little extra of your time, dedication and effort for them to transform into lively, happy little pups.The family should be truly ready to accept the changes that come with adopting a dog. It's almost like welcoming a new baby into the house.

  1. SizeIf your family consists of children below seven years of age, then it is best to go for medium to large sized dogs above five months.Puppies below five months are in their teething phase and have sharp milk teeth. They might bite your kids unintentionally while teething creating a sense of fear rather than love towards the pups.Toddlers can be quite boisterous and at their age, a new dog makes them quite curious. There might be a lot of rough handling. Toy-sized breeds are extremely fragile putting them at a risk of injury in a house with energetic toddlers.Try to choose a dog who can withstand a little rough housing.
  2. The responsibilitiesThis is very important. Make sure all the family members are aware of the responsibilities that come with owning a dog. He/she should be well-fed, groomed and well taken care of. Adopted dogs may require extensive training. You may have to spend hours cleaning poo and pee and witness the destruction of your sofa and the floor rugs. Training a new dog is no easy task. You might lose your patience frequently. But ultimately the little pup is yours and he/she is your priority. The question to ask is, are all of you truly ready to take up such a huge responsibility?
  3. What is your budget?Taking care of a dog can be quite expensive. Dogs have to be vaccinated and will require regular trips to the vet for frequent health checkups and grooming sessions. They are hungry little creatures and need to be fed carefully. They will require supplements and of course, medicines if they fall sick.Will your monthly budget accommodate these expenses? Can you afford to handle the expenses that come with adopting a dog?Consider these factors before making the final decision to adopt a dog.
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